Reflections on a year

For the first time in a long time, both of my children fell asleep in all sorts of uncomfortableness sitting on the couch watching a movie before bed.  I had forgotten the feeling of dead weight of a sleeping child as I stumbled over Christmas toys scattered all over in my valiant effort to lay them safely in their bed.  As I tucked the covers over them and gently kissed their foreheads, a sense of completeness came over me on this last day of the year. Now I know there is a superstition about black cats and Halloween, but what happened next was a little unnerving.  So I had stepped on the front porch for a smoke looking out across the front yard at the remnants of snow dotting the grass and catch something moving!  Out from the shadows and into the light of a street lamp steps a white cat, completely white, looking ghostly against the snow.  I could not move a muscle, I sat frozen as the cat walked up the drive, stopped not 10 feet from me and sat.  He just sat there.  After what seemed like hours, but probably closer to 10 minutes, he stands up and walks away, disappearing in the shadows before I realized he was gone. I about ran into the door coming back in as my focus was behind me, waiting and watching for this white cat to come pounce on me and sink it's rabid teeth into my sweet flesh as it's claws ripped shreds of skin from my neck, at least that's what was in my head.  Gasping for breath as the familiar and comfortable sound of dead-bolt locking, I checked on the children to be certain they had escaped the wrath of surreal I had just encountered.  Safe. Reflections on a year seems so cliché, but after my emotional evening, I'm rolling with it.  This year has been filled with many things, and many things have been removed from my life.  You could say that overall, this has been my cleansing year.  What's odd about a cleansing year is that my life is now full of new people, new things and new adventures.  I owe greatly to friends (true friends) and family who have been there for me, through thick and thin.  I am deeply indebted to a few people that have brought back memories that were swept under the rug for over 10 years, I love you dearly! The Christmas decorations come down tomorrow (assuming I finish the bathroom remodel by mid afternoon) and so will start another year.  This 10 things post in reflection of 2010, is not 10 things, but three, and here they are in no particular order:
  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Life
Cheers to you all and a Happy New Year!

To justify a $3.00 coffee

Something a little different this time.
  1. Many villagers in some remote region are hand picking the coffee beans
  2. There are people who stare at monitors all day long to ensure the water treatment facility is delivering clean water to my barista
  3. A software developer helped write the interface to the POS system that allows me to be charged for a Venti Americano
  4. Another software developer helped to write the uplink contract between POS and credit processing centers which allows me to pay by credit card
  5. If the manufacturer of the lids has a defect and does not adhere to quality control, I will end up with coffee stains on my $60 shirt
  6. Someone drove hundreds of miles across open highways to deliver the coffee beans to my barista
  7. Assuming the beans actually come from the region by which they are named, a brave sea captain piloted a vessel across open waters to deliver the beans to a distribution center
  8. The inventor of the modern day espresso machine should get props
  9. On the rare occasion I add dairy products to my beverage of choice, the dairy farmer cannot go without thanks
  10. The wonderful baristas I’ve met at so many coffee shops across the continent aim to please each and every patron
So, you see, $3.00 for a cup of coffee is actually pretty cheap considering. This weeks tunage:
  1. Gold Guns Girls by Metric
  2. Ready to Start by Arcade Fire
  3. Let’s Do the Time Warp Again from RHPS
  4. Snuff by Slipknot
Stay tuned for 2010 10 things, coming soon!

Christmas decorations

It’s just been hectic times preventing 10 Things posts.  Fourth quarter is taking it’s toll on my love of airplanes and the amount of work saved for hotel desk evenings is piling up fast.  In theory, I only have 8 working days left this year, then vacation to round out a roller coaster year.
  1. Christmas decorations make me cheery (for the first time in a long time, maybe it’s minimalistic approach for decorating this year rather than previous years where it was a contest to squeeze as many decorations as possible into a 3 bedroom house)
  2. Dust will accumulate which keeps Swifter in business (it is a conspiracy)
  3. Children love a Popsicle even when Mother Nature is layering snowflakes on the ground
  4. My first apartment (duplex) after high school on St. Mary’s Street was torn down
  5. “Dinosaurs lived one hundred minnillion years ago” (Quote from my 4 year old)
  6. I miss the artistic side of me
  7. NCDOT has difficult procedures for titling restoration vehicles
  8. Most falls can be turned around through laughter
  9. I really need to cut down the ornamental grass in the front flower bed.  Every time the wind blows, it catches my eye
  10. Double check your payment method when you purchase items online from Amazon, oops, wrong card – my fault
This weeks downloaded tunes:
  1. Little Lion Men by Mumford & Sons
  2. Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event
  3. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cuties
  4. If I Die Young by The Band Perry