Quickr snappiness

Just as in racing mowing machines, every little bit helps.  Some quick performance improvements for Lotus Quickr 8.5 services for WebSphere Portal.  This is geared toward a small deployment, single standalone server on Windows 2008 R2 for POC or small departmental usage.
  1. Set the JVM min (320) and max (1408)
  2. Give the db a little boost (db2) connect to wpsdb alter bufferpool ICMLSMAINBP32 size 16000 alter bufferpool ICMLSVOLATILEBP4 size 34000 connect reset connect to wpsdb update db cfg for wpsdb using MAXFILOP 512 update dbm cfg using java_heap_sz 12288
  3. Open up the Windows (network tuning) Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters] "TcpTimedWaitDelay"=dword:0000001e "MaxUserPort"=dword:0000fffe "TcpWindowSize"=dword:0000ffff "MaxHashTableSize"=dword:00010000 "NumTcpTablePartitions"=dword:00000010
  4. Increase WebContainer thread pool (50)
  5. Increase Default thread pool (50)
  6. Increase minimum connections for all datasources (25-50)
  7. Disable IIS static compression
  8. Trim whitespace and line breaks in css
  9. Adjust IIS AppPool max worker processes
  10. Keep an eye on your total memory usage, back down if you get too close to the edge
Some tunage:
  1. Slipping Away by Trust Company
  2. Call On Me by Eric Prydz
  3. Way Out Here by Josh Thompson

Spookiness on the 3rd floor

Maybe it was the fact that I took a Ghost Tour of Chattanooga a few years back, maybe it's the fact that I am typically alone and have an over heightened sense of what's around me, or maybe, just maybe, I spook easily. In the 20's there was a lady by the name of Annalisa Netherly who stayed at the Read House for an extended period of time, common in her era. So the story goes she was caught with another man by her husband who did not hesitate to practically decapitate her in the bathtub. She now haunts the hotel with a particular dislike for men that smoke. The room was originally 311, although through renovations and such, it could be the present day 313. Regardless, here I sit on my rather comfortable bed in the smallish room of 307. The story really started last week where I lucked out and had a decent size king suite on the sixth floor. Here are the ten things that have spooked me so in this classic antebellum hotel in down-town Chattanooga. 1. Last week, I thought it to be a good idea to take pictures of room 311.  This took pounds, well, tons of courage.  Camera in hand, I jumped on the rickety elevator and nervously pressed 3.  Each floor, as you step out of the elevator has a wall mirror mounted that must be 18 feet long and 10 feet high.  Seeing my pale white skin in this mammoth reflective glass was just the start.  I edged around the corner, camera on and ready to shoot for I did not know if or how fast I would need to run.  Just two doors down, I stopped frozen in front of room 311.  My knees trembled and my arm would not raise the camera at first, but after what seemed like days, the camera finally came up to eye level and focus on the door.  I snapped exactly two pictures and then turned around to walk away, but paused and turned back to look down the hallway for one last shot.  The click of the camera told me I had a hallway shot and I steadily spun around to leave this floor.  As my turn was almost complete, I heard a large crashing sound and took flight for the elevator, heart pounding, blood racing.  I live to tell, so I must have been able to focus enough motor skills to get back on the elevator and press 6. 2. As I was checking in this week, I glanced down at the paper with my room number and all important WIFI access code listed and noticed room 307 written in blue ink with the most perfect penmanship.  I casually asked the desk clerk if there was any need to be concerned sleeping on the third floor.  She responded "You should be OK, but if you run into any issues, just come back down and we can move you." 3. The walls are very thin and my room backs up to the elevators.  Every second I'm in here resonates with clicks, clacks and grindings of steel cables on pulleys as the elevator whisks guests between floors. 4. I ordered room service last night as I was in the need for nourishment after happy hour down the street.  My favourite dish from Porters consists of coconut batter deep fried shrimp, crab cakes smother with this corn relish tartar saucy concoction and seared ahi tuna sliced not too thin and topped with salsa fresca.  After a 20 minute wait, a knock on the door; I'll admit I jumped.  She delivered to my room, exactly as I asked.  She was quite beautiful at 5' 8" with pale skin and light blonde hair and probably mid 20's.  What did not fit was her voice; she spoke to me in the voice of a five year old, spooky.  I devoured my food, felt much better and decided to step out for some fresh air.  As if the evening could foster any more fascination, I stepped into the elevator which was preoccupied by an early teenage boy with a voice as deep as Cash as he said good evening and how do you do.  Later... There she was, the same pale figure appeared as I stepped out of my room to take a stroll at 10:09.  She was walking towards me from the opposite end of the hall, closely approaching room 311, and me, walking towards her, closely approaching the elevator.  Expecting company in the elevator, I held the door open for a minute, until I heard a door slam.  I'm checking out tomorrow and wondering what my next week will bring.  She will be the only human I see on this floor. 5. I perched in my comfy queen bed, laptop in lap trying to get some work completed before retiring.  Background noise is brought to you by the Travel Channel's Anthony Bourdain.  After a few back to back episodes, I decided a break and a brisk walk around the building was needed.  I arose from my perch, slipped on some boots and a jacket and grabbed my room card.  Reaching for the door, a sort of heat, subtle, but detectable, emanated from the door just as the Travel Channel slipped to DIY Network sporting a section on bathroom remodelling.  Done, get me out of here. 6. The channel changed four more times. 7. I have yet, in four nights here, not seen a single person walking on the third floor.  The closest was the guy who stepped out as I was stepping in, thinking he was in the lobby. 8. Taking a shower this morning, I had taken a towel off of the shelf and set it on the toilet (which was closed) and upon exit of the shower, my towel was on the floor. 9. See #7, I heard a dog barking right outside my door earlier this evening. 10. When I returned from a day at work, my bed was made, my trash removed, my toiletries replenished, pillows fluffed and coffee stocked, this by far, the spookiest of them all. I contemplated not running the full 10 things as I will continue to grace the hotel with my presence over the next few weeks, in the haunted confines of down-town Chattanooga, but I figure there could always be a part deuce. Sleep tight! This weeks brews:
  1. Southsidenstein Stout from The Terminal Brewhouse
  2. Housebrand IPA from Big River Brewing
This weeks tunage:
  1. Nelly - 5.0 Deluxe Version


It's Friday and I had to, I just had to cut off the world of WebSphere and DB2 to take a break for awhile.  Not exactly knowing what to do with my time, I thought it would be nice to find something new to learn.  Enter unrelational databases, noSQL, super speedy throughput monsters.  That sounds like fun.
  1. Fire up a CentOS 5.5 VM
  2. Install Apache Cassandra
  3. Install Thrift
  4. Fight to get Thrift to compile, oh, need to have PHP 5.2 +
  5. Install PHP 5.2.10
  6. Thrift compiles
  7. Download phpcassa and stare at the screen
  8. Dig up a basic MySql login module to modify
  9. Try to understand the non relationship model of Cassandra
  10. Continue to try to understand the non relationship model of Cassandra
Well, in my list of 10, it didn't stop there.  I started to get lost in a world of Column Families that store a set of columns and Super Columns store a set of Column Families and rows that don't have to adhere to their Column Family schema (oh wait, there's not really a schema) and attributes on Column Families and attributes on Row Keys and I got lost in an unorganized place; or so I thought. Ten years of relationships (relational databases, that is) including Oracle, MsSQL, MySql, DB2 and it becomes hard to think of data in a non relational fashion.  After fighting with a high level client (think phpcassa -> Thrift -> Cassandra) I was able to modify a simple PHP/MySql login script to authenticate to Cassandra.  Now, it still has some bugs; you can log in with a bad password :) but I'm working on that. Behind this all is a little pet project that smacked me in the head last night, you will have to wait to hear about it for now. This weeks tunage:
  1. The Cars - Just What I Needed
  2. Sting - I Hung My Head
This weeks wine:
  1. Courtney Benham Petite Sirah

Mow for a friend

Kids say the darnedest things, they really do... these are from my four year old son, enjoy! 1. "Am I talking backwards, or right?" 2. "I'm on the phone, be quiet." 3. "Where are you?  Are there any cute girls there?"
    Then there are the reasons I have been cheery this week 4. February delivered 70 degrees today and the windows were opened 5. I realized that what was offered was not what I wanted, glad to have figured that out now 6. It's almost March 2nd
      And some randoms. 7. Wine warms the soul 8.Think about it... silver mailbox upside down attached to the post with PINK duct tape, yeah, it's that red neck out here 9. There's always something else to be done; dishes, laundry, sweep, mop, and the list goes on, but honestly, once it's all done, it feels good.  Home feels homey.
        And finally. 10. One week from Friday, I will embark on an adventure to sunny Mobile, Alabama to partake in a benefit race for a friend suffering from cancer.  I ask for your prayers for him and his family as we all join in around the track.  Some, if not most, of us have never met before, but the dedication and devotion to each other in time of need says much for the sport and the family that we build through racing.  Many have reached out through donations and auctions to raise money for Brian, I commend you all for your generosity.  Fellow racers, you continue to amaze me with your kindred spirit and helpful ways, may God bless and we all mow on!!!  See you at the track!