The morning after

More likely better titled as Memorial Day weekend 2011 as the true morning after was so littered with pain that no writing occurred aside from a title. The moment you forget how to have fun. The time when you quit being a kid.  The second you listen to the instructions that read "Not intended for adults."  These are not for me. Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming - "Wow! What a Ride!" - Unknown I can say that I have completely abused my body this past weekend.  When 8 hours of sun bathing is not enough, go for 24.  When 1 bag of marshmallows might not be enough, go for 6.  When a 15 foot slip and slide isn't long enough, buy 100 feet of plastic and dump a bottle of veggie oil on it. Just remember these things: 1. Sunburn hurts, I'm positive I have a lobster-ish glow 2. Dinner plate size bruise will go away 3. Hopefully it's not a cracked rib 4. IcyHot (that's 2 weekends in a row, time to stock up: Marketing or me) 5. Advil, Advil and more Advil, just DO NOT exceed the recommended dosage 6. Must take cold showers for a few days I was kindly reminded by a 7 year old the next morning that the slip and slide box clearly states that it is not intended for adults.  Now had I read that first, would I still have done the things I did, um... Yes.  I think, though, she was essentially telling me that it was my own damn fault!  I'm going to suck it up and agree with her.  Luckily, no one thought about getting the video camera out, so don't bother searching YouTube. 7. Time shall heal me, it just better be quick, I have a race this weekend.  I hope I can race this weekend! 8. Even though there was $100 at stake for the winner, nobody made it the entire 100 foot length of the improvised slip and slide, thus saving me money 9. Veggie oil is a tan amplifier 10. Never forget how to let go and have fun, get crazy, take risks Will I ever go down a slip and slide again?  I'll have to answer that with a big NO, but I can now cross it off the bucket list.  Please, if you get inspired by this post, I am not legally responsible for anything that happens to you (please do not try this at home, I am a trained slip and slide professional, retired!) Lastly, for the first time since I can remember, I am nervous about tonight (not telling), but excited, and I have weekend full of memories that I will never forget.

Life, simple

The simple side
  1. Carolina night sky crystal clear peppered with twinkling bits of pixie dust and the big little dipper
  2. Marshmallow stick hunting and the sound of breaking twigs as feet navigate like stealth jungle cats
  3. Crackle pop of oak glowing against the clean blackness of night
  4. Laughter echoing through the trees
  5. Stubborn corks hiding sweet goodness with a mellow finish, fruity and crisp
  6. Water gun fights in the dark
  7. Music, repeat, the song is just that good
  8. Two baths to get the dirt off, little boys play hard (and dirty)
  9. Melty yummy jet puffed on a stick, double burned
  10. A tender moment full of butterflies and fireworks
  1. Delerium tremens
  1. Rolling In the Deep by Adele

Marketing or me

Like a snake, I have shed the first sun kissed layer. For 4 years, I have relied on boots for travel, soft supple leather to comfort my feet.  My first dislike for boots was Austin, TX walking endlessly down the streets, soaking in the live music and pulsating rhythms of various clubs.  My next run in was in NYC as I was making my daily trek from hotel to train to streets to work and enjoying the afternoons wandering aimlessly.  Pain!  It's time to take care of my feet, so I spent a week researching shoes and walking.  Every company claims that their shoes are the best and ergonomic and comfortable and whatnot.  I stumble through countless reviews and decide to make a plunge.  I ordered a pair of Merrell Barefoot Tough Gloves which will offer me 1. 4mm compression molded midsole cushion 2. 1mm forefoot shock absorption plate 3. 0mm ball to heel drop 4. 7.1oz each When they arrived I started looking for manufacturer recommendations to properly break them in only to find that they are ready to "roll."  Well, let's put them to the test then, the worst that could happen is 6. The shoes fail 7. My feet fail 8. I fail So, a pair of thin athletic socks go on and then I laced up my new shoes, right out of the box!  Where were we going you ask?  5 miles on the treadmill with a 1.5 hour time limit, surely I would fail first.  I typically do not run to these extremes preferring a slower pace, but I had to let these shoes prove themselves. 8. I survived 9. Not a single blister 10. I discovered some previously unused muscles in my legs that are a bit on the sore side as these shoes almost require you to learn how to walk/run again, but in a good way Overall, Merrell live up to their claims with this line, I have already ordered a second pair.  I never knew that my feet could feel so good wrapped tight in a shoe that barely feels like it is there.  I shall once again enjoy walking to work in these, and the added benefit of being able to take a run afterwards without changing shoes. Tunage:
  1. Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum
  2. Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean
  3. Brains Stew by Green Day
  4. Fire by the Pointer Sisters
  5. Famous Last Words by Chemical Romance
  6. Old Alabama by Brad Paisley
  1. Amaro

Sensory integration

1. Chorizo - spicy lingering heat, eventually fading 2. Arabica - awakening the mind from slumber, empty cup 3. Prosciutto - velvety concentration melting into tender, next course 4. Train - mistaken for thunder outside, inside exploding with sweat 5. Sand - hot and seductive, without water death 6. Water - refreshing dance of goodness, picnic ruins 7. Garlic - startles thoughts of sweetness, no longer kisses 8. Leather - supple tough anger, stinging whips 9. Crowds - endless chatter drowns the noise, lost 10. Sangria - fruity leads to silly, drunken stupor  

That time of the month

Yeah, it's that time again, time to move all the furniture and do a real thorough sweeping and mopping.  Here's what I found:
  1. One red high heel shoe (Barbie)
  2. One dried pea
  3. One beer bottle cap
  4. Two Cheerios
  5. One piece of yellow Easter grass
  6. One leaf of a house plant (unknown variety)
  7. Seven beads from a bracelet kit
  8. Thirteen coffee grounds
  9. Three million four hundred and six pollen spores to seed my allergies for a good week
  10. Enough dust bunnies to be classified as a swarm
Lovin' hardwoods :)

Sleeping beauty

We all make mistakes as parents, well, sometimes they are not mistakes, but wrong decisions.  Maybe wrong decisions is not even the right way to describe them, but having two children, I can tell you that most were corrected by the time the second arrived.  My mistake started when my daughter was first born, I put her to bed every night.  At first, when she was under 6 months, this was relatively easy.  After that, it wasn't really that difficult either, I would turn the lights off in the living room and dance to music until her head lay gently on my shoulder at which point I would lay her down to sleep.  This progressed to the big girl bed at about 3 years old and I continued to put her to bed every night, sitting at the edge of the bed rubbing her back until she would finally fall asleep.  Some nights, this was a 10 or 15 minute commitment, other nights it was hours.  The habit that I caused was that she was unable to fall asleep on her own and lasted until right around her 5th birthday, and this was my mistake. Breaking her habit of needing me to put her to sleep every night was a progressive endeavor.  Every few nights, I would sit bedside 1 foot further away, sometimes listening to crying, sometimes screaming.  When I finally made it out to the hallway at approximately 10 feet from her bed, I felt a world of accomplishment.  A couple of weeks later and we took a huge step back and I was returned to 2 feet from the bed.  "Never give up," I said, and I was finally back in the hallway. After a good 6 month investment, I got it right.  We go to bed, hugs and kisses, and turn the lights off.  What a relief! When my son was born, I also was the one to put him to bed every night.  I believe I was lucky as he is the type that is in deep sleep 10 microseconds after his head hits the pillow. Tonight, I'm sitting bedside (albeit with a laptop).  My poor little lady has a low grade fever and a horrible cough.  My mind has wandered back to the time I have spent with her, the moments we have shared and the countless hours I have watched her fall into slumber.  I cannot help but to feel bad for her, aside from some simple medicine and a humidifier, there's not a lot I can do to help her feel better and fall asleep, except to rub her back. Tonight is just another random list of 10, but inspired by the simplistic beauty of children.
  1. My son left the porch light on so that the first tree frog of the season could see
  2. My kids regularly invite their neighborhood friends over for dinner
  3. My son is convinced that the new racing lawnmower I'm building is "his"
  4. My daughter sweeps the "shop" because it is "hers"
  5. "I will clean my room after school tomorrow" (I love not having to ask!)
  6. They answer "What do you love most about the beach,  taking walks, playing in the sand, swimming?" with  "The beach!"
  7. They sleep in the strangest positions (I might as well, but never watched myself sleep)
  8. My son drinks orange juice with every meal, loves the stuff!
  9. My daughter's favorite thing to do is to play school, she wants to be a teacher
  10. I love them both... "to the moon"