The register

When my daughter was somewhere between one and two (she was in the walking exploring stage of early life), one rather calm afternoon she was playing by herself in her room and being rather quiet. That should have been the warning. Suddenly, the silence was broken with a screaming cry for help. I ran to her room and what did I find? One little girl stuck in the floor register. She had taken the cover off and managed to wiggle herself down into the vent up to her waist. Now what I should have done was run over and pull her out. What I ended up doing, however, was run to get a camera. The downside is that I cannot locate the picture. Regardless, that day, some 6-7 years ago, I screwed the registers to the floor. Over the years, a few things dropped in there and yesterday we decided to clean it out. Now here's where it gets strange. There were a few items that could have certainly fallen into the depths since the lock down, but most of the items we fished out have me scratching my head. Today's list is a list of "How did that get down there?" The register-where it all started... 1. Some Scrabble letters that unfortunately cannot make a word 2. A handful of plastic fishing worms 3. Beads for making a necklace or bracelet 4. One googly eye 5. Tomorrow, not sure of the origin of this 6. A spork 7. A baby doll sippy cup 8. Hearty Tomato soup from a kitchen playset 9. Leo the lion, I've never seen this guy before 10. A telephone?