Ten reasons i don’t date

Well, it's not entirely true. In the past few years I have been on a few 1st dates, but never, and I repeat never ever, has it turned into a 2nd date. I'm sure you are sitting there wondering "What the?" There's this unfortunate aspect of dating that I am scared of. Well, not really scared, let me just lay it out in detail for you. You see, sometimes dating gets serious. After awhile, one thing leads to another, and another, and another. Then one morning you wake up and there is someone's toothbrush in your washroom and suddenly you have less closet space. That's just the beginning! 1. Being out in the country on a septic tank, I use single ply bathroom tissue, you know, the 1000 sheet rolls. Well, that equals a lot of you know what. Four rolls generally last 2 months, but if there was someone else living here because dating became serious, well, usage would probably triple (not being sexist or anything, just stating a fact of nature). At $1.30 average a roll, my yearly cost on this necessity would jump from $31.20/year to $93.60/year. (Money) 2. I am most certainly a foodie! Love me some fine dining at a one of a kind establishment, but I also enjoy cooking and usually only eat out when roaming around the country. When I am home, I'm all about some chicken. Chicken every night! I buy in bulk and freeze appropriate portions to be cooked in an endless number of ways. Grilled, stir fry, baked, Shake and Baked, you name it. Throw in some local fresh produce and Bim Bam Boom, you have a meal. It would be extremely difficult to extrapolate the cost savings here because I'm almost positive that when "serious" dating, you cannot have chicken every night. (Money) 3. Maybe I am trying too hard to conserve electricity, but I'm one to have the windows open if at all possible. If in fact I do need the heat turned on, it is set firmly on 65, or the air conditioning at a comfortable 78. Should you become too cold, put a sweater on, or a blanket and if you are a little on the warm side, well, just take off some layers. This strict behavior keeps my average electric bill under $100/month. You can easily see that (based on my past experience of not having control of the thermostat) that an average $1200/year is a lot less than the $2000/year when I was not living alone. (Money) 4. I love to travel. Most of the time it is work related, but that's not where "serious" dating comes into play. At least 4 times a year, I run to random places for a few days or a week to get away from the day in day out of life (I suppose you could call it vacationing). Since I travel a lot, I have become a very lightweight traveler. I have an 18" roller bag and either a backpack or shoulder bag depending on where I'm going and for how long and can get 10 days worth of cold weather clothing plus a book, laptop, or whatever else might be needed or 14 days in warm weather with a little bit of room to spare (I bet I could hit 30 days if the destination was French St. Martin-read... nude beach). Now if I were dating and traveling for leisure, I would have someone with me who might be packing a 60" bag plus a roller plus a backpack or purse. Since I never have more than carry on luggage, my baggage fees are $0, however, if I were "serious" dating, my baggage fees could be in upwards of $100 per trip. That's $400 a year just to carry 10 pairs of shoes and a gazillion toiletries! (Money) 5. Speaking of travel, the lack of having to purchase a second plane ticket alone could save my anywhere between $2000 and $4000 a year. (Money) 6. Cheap beer, 'nuff said! (Money) 7. On the intoxication topic, I bring up fine wine. This will be another difficult topic to estimate cost savings, but in general, I would expect double the amount 'cause ladies, if I open a bottle, I'm going to drink a bottle! There's nothing better than a front porch rocking chair evening listening to the crickets chirp and the frogs sing and enjoying the sweet Carolina night air.  I am a red wine guy with the exception of the perfect summer evening Chard. (Money) 8. Clothing optional? If I were "serious" dating, I might not be able to get away with my attire. I see no reason to get all fancied up if all I am doing is working from home, so it's sweats and a T-shirt. I'm sure I would need to run to some name brand clothier, spend lots of money to dress appropriately while working from home in case the "girlfriends" show up for afternoon tea. I'm perfectly happy in my $2.00 Wally World shirt that was in fashion 5 years ago. As for going out, well, I sport business casual, deal with it, but I am OK with a nice sports jacket and I do have a weak spot for cowboy boots and winter jackets. (Money) 9. Minimalist. I despise clutter, junk, crap I don't need or use. Yes, there a still a few holes in my world where the piles of crap seem to congregate, but they are more of a collection area for things I need to throw away later but need to make sure I don't need them for 30 days before they hit the collection of waste piles in America. And speaking of those magnetic collection areas, I know 100% that the ones I do have are mine, and I need to deal with them. I will clean up my mess when I get to it and I don't expect anyone else to clean it for me. (Not Money) 10. I like my coffee black, if you want cream or sugar, you are on your own. This saves me $3.92/week plus there's nothing better in the morning than a hot cup of velvety smooth black coffee. (Money) I'm sure you probably now can see that the overarching reason I do not date is coffee. After putting this all down on paper, I am realizing that I probably could pull off a second date, but lately everyone wants to settle down, be serious, start a family, find that someone for eternity... been there, tried that, here I am, writing this post. I'd much rather hang out, have dinner, go to a show, chat on the phone, text, rinse and repeat. And drink my coffee black. File under extreme sarcasm, cheap beer and a kiss goodnight to that someone out there that I may actually retract 9 things for. Cheers and goodnight!


Eight years ago, I held a precious baby girl in my arms for the first time. Today, I still hold her in my arms for the first time. Every time I hold her, it's a first time for something, first day of school, first time riding a bike without training wheels, first step, first time rolling over, first time hitting a soft ball. Every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, I love my baby girl. Today, she turns eight, where has the time gone? I'm not getting any younger, and I probably have a gray strand or two on my head because of her, yet she continues to grow up, and I keep loving the person she is becoming. Born Cry Crawl Talk Walk Learn Converse Draw Inquire Growing up my beautiful little lady! I love you! Happy birthday my sweetness!


I did not procrastinate this time, this has been hanging over my head all week and giving me pains in places I forgot I have. So here I sit, alone in my kitchen, struggling to complete a web site migration design document that in all honesty, was due yesterday. I suppose my trouble is trying to find patterns and organization in a site that has well surpassed the 2000 mark in content and grown organically (unorganized) over the last 10 years. And to top that, it's currently on 10 year old technology. So, you ask, what am I doing writing a blog entry? Well, I thought I would share what is getting me through this painful task... Music is cranked-my speakers needed exercise, and I needed a distraction in order to concentrate. Here is my playlist for when you have a daunting task at hand: 1. I Don't Love You by My Chemical Romance 2. Kooler Than Jesus by My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult 3. Where the Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 4. Unapologize by Carrie Underwood 5. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana 6. Can You Forgive Her by Pet Shop Boys 7. Lovegod by The Soup Dragons 8. Just a Dream by Nelly 9. Mother by Pink Floyd 10. The entire Talking Heads album Sand in the Vaseline Good luck young Jedi