The consulting series – Twilight

I admit, I've seen them all, but only one in the theater and no, it was not at the midnight release party. Blame it on Kristen Stewart's eyes. They make me melt. And since I'm coming clean, yes, I've also read all four books. But that's not why I'm here today. For the next four posts, we get to talk about consulting and vampires. Sink your teeth into that! It all starts on a Friday, usually, at 4:45 PM. Right before you are getting ready to pop the top on that ice cold one that's been staring at you in the fridge each time you open it. The phone rings. Monday you are on a project with a new client. Just like Bella, the decision wasn't entirely yours, although I doubt your boss kicked you out so she could travel with a baseball player. So you start to pack your things in preparation for Forks. It's a sleepy little company stuck in the past on archaic technology. You have no idea what to expect, except rain. Once you are on the ground, you meet your project manager Carlisle Cullen, your visionary solution architect, Alice Cullen, your IT sponsor, Edward Cullen and the business sponsor, Jacob Black. As for the whole falling in love thing, well, that part doesn't exactly fall in line, unless you count the fatal attraction to the bartender at a bar you frequent a couple of blocks from the office after a hard days work. Jacob likes you immediately and tells you about the business requirements. Some of them seem a little strange, some hint towards the impossible, but at the end, you start to draw your own conclusions and unearth the truth. Unfortunately, for Jacob, you are more attracted to the IT requirements as specified by Edward. There's an internal battle starting to brew. You almost get hit by the proverbial van when you were presenting solutions to the CTO, but Edward was right there to save you. You start to wonder how he is so good which makes your commitment to him much stronger. And helps to solidify your conclusions. After some time on the ground and learning the ropes, you meet up with James. He is the lead at a 3rd party marketing firm that Forks has partnered with and is out to get you. Your Cullen project team tries to protect you, ultimately, you have to escape back to Phoenix for the weekend. As soon as you land, your phone lights up. Thirteen emails, seven texts and just 10 voice mails from James. He's trying to trick you. Alice knew this would happen and asked Carlisle to set up a conference call where the team successfully squashed James' absurd suggestions for the project. Edward saved you again, he sucked the ugly thoughts right out of your head. When you return to Forks, Edward takes you out for dinner and you try to convince him that he should hire you direct. You want to be one of them. He politely refuses even though you continue to pressure him. Coming to a blog near you... Spring 2013 - The consulting series - New Moon

He quit

Yes, he quit. That guy that we all take for granted. He just up and left. I don't know how long I can make it. 10 minutes. 10 hours. 10 days. It's been close to 10 days. So I'm thinking maybe 10 weeks before I look for a replacement. Knowing me, it could be 10 months. It better not be 10 years. Meanwhile, I keep a flashlight handy for those midnight snacks. I don't know what I did or did not do to make the little man that turns the light on in the fridge quit. Maybe it was the benefits package. The pay. He was making way more than he should have been. Working conditions? Yeah, it's cold, but that was in the fucking job description. I suppose he just got burned out after 7 years. It can happen. He knew the contents so well, he shined! I'll miss him. All I can do is wish him a bright future as I search for someone else to light my fridge.

Some nights

There are some memories that you can only share with yourself, no matter how close another person might be. And there are some things you read, or hear that spark that distant memory and you want to share, you really do. But you can't. And those 10 things you learned from that one experience are forever locked in your head. Safe dreams my friends.

Growing up and letting go

Time flies. A lot has changed. But nine years ago today I held my daughter for the first time. Nine years. I've had to start letting go. A little at a time. And hold on tighter every day. I'm not perfect at this Daddy thing. But I do my best, remain consistent, bend when I need to bend and learn from my mistakes. And this pays off through the actions and words of an amazing little gal!

Welcome Daddy's little girl, 2004

We went to a musical on Saturday where we ran into one of her classmates. During intermission the two girls were chatting it up and being, well, silly girls. Her friend made a comment that caught my attention. "How can you be so quiet in school?" My daughter didn't answer. This is not the first time I have heard this from one of her friends. And I concur. From sun up until sun down, she is a non stop talker. About this. About that. Her favorite weekend activity is chatting with me on the front porch while I enjoy my morning coffee. She tells me about school. She asks questions about things she doesn't understand. She asks about where I went for work the previous week. She comments on birds sitting in the grass. Yet in school, she is a quiet sponge. Always has been.
First day of school, 2009

First day of school, 2009

Somehow, I have taught her the value of education. And respect for it. Somehow, she turned into someone that soaks up every bit of information she can. She can multiple and divide faster than I can, she knows things that maybe I did know at one point in life, just chose to file away. When she doesn't know the answer, she asks. And if I don't know, she turns to Google. But not just turns to Google. She researches. Not once will she find a single answer and accept it. She will verify it with multiple sources online. And if she can't verify it, she will ask me to help her find the right answer. Yes, she still does kid stuff. She hikes in the woods with her brother and the neighbors. She plays in dirt and catches bugs. She plays with dolls and rides her bike. She helps out around the house. She can cook a mean Hamburger Helper. She helps me bottle home made wine (I hope that's not illegal, she's just holding the bottle while I start the siphon). Washing dishes, cleaning her room, dusting, sweeping, yard work. The list goes on.

Birthday gal, 2013

So today, as she sits quietly in school, I ponder all the memories I have of her and how she's not such a little girl anymore. But she'll always be my little girl. No matter how much I let go. I still will hold her tight. Forever. 1. Don't ever stop asking questions. 2. Don't ever stop being curious. 3. Don't ever stop loving. 4. Don't ever stop living. 5. Don't ever stop listening. 6. Do enjoy time with your friends and family. 7. Do enjoy all life has to offer. 8. Do enjoy southern sunsets. 9. Do enjoy learning new things. 10. Do enjoy challenges. Happy 9th birthday sweets, I love you to the moon! Next year is 10!  

44 hours

Wednesday 14:35 AST - Who was the munchkin head that booked this travel? Ponce is two hours from San Juan. By cab. 75 miles. $135 plus a tip. Oops! Thank god I didn't have to ask the cabbie to stop so I could pee. But good things come out of everything. My cabbie invited me over to his house for breakfast if I called him for my return trip to San Juan. Things you shouldn't do while traveling? Probably! I tend to trust cabbies with my life even though I hate not being in control of a vehicle moving 20 miles an hour over the speed limit. No matter where I am. But especially when we are navigating through [gorgeous, lush] mountainous terrain. I did get a glimpse of The Teats of Cayey... sexy... Cayey is known as "La Ciudad del Torito" (town of the little bull) and "La Ciudad de las Brumas" (city of the fog). Her peaks are nice. Time to move on. As we drove [ridiculously fast] south, the terrain became more arid, almost desert like and reminded me of Aruba. Are we there yet? cayeylg Wednesday 16:30 AST - Welcome home for 40 hours of my 44 hours in Puerto Rico. Where's the rum? Ah, shit. I have a conference call to attend to. And then actual work to do? That's all right in my book. These working conditions are much better. The beauty of being remote is that my office is determined by "is there internet?" All these years of complaining/wishing/hoping for an *ideal* climate of 70's at night and 80's by day is answered yet again. Put the lime in the coconut! Thursday 06:45 AST - Good morning.  Should I lace this cup of coffee with rum? No, work to do first, then hit downtown for a little sight seeing and then back to work before painting the town after dinner. Thursday 12:05 AST - Break from work. I asked the hotel to call a cab and take me downtown. "We don't recommend our guests go downtown during Justas." I had to ask and found out that it's spring break for Ponce University. Mardi Gras times 10. OK, you just made me want to go even more by telling me that you do not recommend it. In the cab I go. Thursday 12:25 AST - It's raining cats and dogs so I duck into a New York style pizza joint for a slice and to wait out the rain. What? NY pizza in the islands? Hey, a boy has to eat and it was the closest escape from the rain. Once it cleared up, I roamed around being the tourist and snapping pictures. The architecture is absolutely lovely. I just love this shot. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thursday 14:29 AST - Back to the hotel to work for a bit, grab dinner and make that decision that usually I regret. Thursday 21:02 AST - Cabbing it back downtown, don't get arrested, that's the only rule. Friday 06:15 AST - I'm in my hotel, I honestly do not recall a thing from last night. This could be good, it could be bad. I'm alive though. I really should stop doing that sort of thing. When you just go, immerse yourself, lose yourself. I would be a great candidate for a pick pocket or scam artist during these times. I know it was loud with lots of music, and I know there were shit tons of people, shoulder to shoulder. But that's it. No recollection of the cab ride back to the hotel, if in fact I took a cab. I can only hope that at some point in the evening, I bought a beautiful lady a drink and said cheers. In my broken nonexistent Spanish. And hopefully I did not tell her I love her long time. Since I had no data on my phone, I cannot do the old school way and look at where I checked in and my random status updates on FaceBook, so it's just off to write it down as "I did something in Ponce during Justas 2013." Friday 11:35 AST - Time to go, it's been fun, it's been real, see you soon!

It’s my front porch

You came over tonight. It was the first time we met. In person.You sat down in the other rocking chair like you owned it. You didn't. It's mine. You said get over the whatever. I fought back a little. I made excuses. Yes, I realize how I was acting. I understand. I was being emotional. You tried to convince me that I was wrong. I couldn't hear it. Where are you going with this? I was warned that you did not like guys that were short. You are not so tall yourself. I never knew until today. Six months after the fire. You left. Abrupt. I was lost until I thought. I was thinking of the course of events. Do I. Should I. We cannot be anywhere near each other. That's been the case. Yet you continued to contact me. Why? You tried to reason with me tonight. It worked for a bit. I was almost there. Bow down to your desires. Kiss your feet. But. You cannot play puppeteer with me. I am me. I will forever be me. You have yet to convince me that my 10 fears can be eased by your presence. There is more to love than that. I want to. But I can't. And I won't.