Send Mary to Paris

Mary, you have certainly rocked the world with your words. We met in NYC (sort of... virtually), you wrote It's snowing in New York and I read your words while stuffed into a small hotel room somewhere around 22nd and 6th ave. And trying not to wake my roommate, I snuck outside only to return back to my room having not seen the snow. And then I wrote back. And fell off to dream land. And woke up in the morning to snow in New York. And I've read every word since. And today... well, I read The Paris Promise, and by gosh by golly, I think you should go. So. What I propose is that you have a world wide campaign to send you to Paris and the only thing the world will ask for in return is for lovely pictures on your blog and the wonderful words you share with us. So Mary, set up a PayPal account or something, because I'm challenging the world to make sure you celebrate your 30th in Paris. Because we want to hear your words tell us all about Paris. And to quote you, "As long as I am choosing life, and honoring my passions and keeping my dreams alive and not stifled, I don’t think I can really go wrong." I hope to travel to Paris through the wonderful words you write. I will personally contribute to your Paris fund and I hope everyone that reads this will as well. It doesn't have to be a huge amount, a few dollars each and we get to experience Paris through Mary's eyes. And wonderful words. Cheers!


It was this day, I was sitting in a classroom trying to become something more. When the news hit. I was younger then. Not really sure about the world. But things didn't really seem right. And years later, staying in a hotel overlooking ground zero. And years after that spending months upon months of walking out of the PATH station at WTC every day. And back into the station every day. I <3 NYC and yes, we have moved on, but we will never forget that day. We will never forget those who lost their lives. And those who lost loved ones. We will never forget those that fought to save lives. 10 minutes of silence.

Epic technology fail

Well, my friends, it has been awhile. I come to you tonight a little emotionally distraught. You see, my phone took a beating (it's the cats fault). I received a replacement that didn't work. Then I received a replacement for the replacement that worked. Sounds all good and happy, right? Nope. Somewhere in the transfer of contacts and apps, I lost something near and dear to my heart. I lost my friend Ana. We met in Belize. In Placencia, she's gorgeous and sweet and kind. She was moving to Belmopan two weeks after I left. I have a Bible (Latin American in Spanish) for her that I was going to ship to her. We were going to meet for dinner in the spring when I return. We texted the traditional method a few times but she could not keep her phone after the move, so all correspondence was through a "chat" "text" app on her sisters phone. And then my phone died, and I lost the contact details for her sister. All I have left is the 10 memories and her original phone number on a small sheet of paper forever tucked away in my travel notebook. And her Bible. Thinking it's time to buy a plane ticket.