Why Super Shark is the BEST movie ever

If you have never seen it, watch it. You will not be dissapointed. It's full on with a cast that you have never heard of and a budget less than my monthly grocery bill. BUT, it a rock solid good movie and here's why... 1. The potential for a date movie is awesome. I mean, there's a love lost scene in the beginning with "that guy" and kiss kiss with the more "stable" dude at the end. What date wouldn't love that? 2. The size of the shark puts Jaws to shame 3. It has a boat in it. 4. Super Shark can freaking walk on the beach, how cool is that? 5. Also, Super Shark can pick an F-16 out of the sky, yeah, the fucker can apparently fly. 6. There is a walking tank, reminds me of the Star Wars things (what do you call those things, I never got into Star Wars). It, too, like the F-16, doesn't make it. 7. There are girls in bikinis (not good for the date potential). 8. I lost zero brain energy watching Super Shark. 9. The gal... 10. I won't ruin the ending.


Water. There was a crap ton of rain this week. The ground is soggy. My dog hates the rain. I get annoyed when the mail person doesn't fully close the mailbox after delivering the mail when it's raining. The bills are drenched. Water. You are there every morning when those delicately ground beans meet the gurgling noise as you rush through the coffee maker. Blend yourself with velvet black heaven. Awaken my eyes. Get me moving. Thinking. Water. You meet my Ramen noodles, it's lunch time. It's cheap, I know. But those noodles just absorb you. And it's quick. Dirty deeds should be done quick. Bowl to spoon to mouth. I feel nourished. Time to move on. Water. What's for dinner. I boil potatoes to feed the hungry children I raise. You make them soft and smashable (not the kids, of course). In the crock pot, you spend 6 hours with my chicken. Warm dinner. A family meal. Water. Those cold winter nights you spin around in my microwave for two whole minutes so that you can meet powdered chocolate with dehydrated marshmallows. You bring smiles to red cheeks that have been playing in the snow. Water. From deep within the earth, my well pump delivers you to cleanse me. I stand in the shower, completely naked in front of you. You rinse the dirt from my body as I scrub myself clean. Water. In the spring, the random pots of who knows what plant that awakens from it's winter slumber. You help them. Awaken the roots that suck you in to become green and vibrant with beautiful flowers. Water. 10 nautical miles of you surround me on all sides. Your swells rock me. I cannot breathe you, but I can taste you. I can let you engulf me. You hide a life within you. Your children. Water. I mix you with fruit and sugar and yeast. You ferment. To turn to wine that I bottle. And enjoy on those cool summer nights. On the front porch. In my chair. And drift away. Water. You come down on me. In tiny droplets.  And I spin around allowing you to touch every inch of me. My hair, drenched. My clothes soaked. I tilt my head back to catch you in my thirsty mouth. Quench my thirst. Keep me alive.