About Me

Fragments of life, sometimes visual, sometimes in words. The hair on the right side of me, in general, grows slower that the left. From this fact, I assume that one side of me looks better than the other. Maybe this means I'm slightly off center, or even unbalanced. Which ever way you approach it is totally irrelevant to me, this is my life. I have two wonderful kids and an amazing dog, a crazy cat. I'm a geek. I love sushi. Enjoy music and travel. Love sand, water and summer sun. I work hard, play hard. I don't have time for silly games people often play, but if you are honest, I'll love you forever. This blog is my escape, you can read it. Or not. Half the time it's random, but every entry comes from life and how I interpret it, read it or live it. I'm hard to handle and even harder to love. So here it is, the brutal honest reality of it all. My opinions are my own. Cheers!