break down

I need to get back into writing. I'm not quite ready yet. Close though. So I thought about a little quick post and go with a throw back Thursday. So here it goes. All information is as accurate as my brain can recall, any discrepancies are not the fault of my fingers or laptop or my dog. I'm stopping at 4, sorry 10. The first cassette tape I owned was a copy of Run DMC - Raising Hell The first cassette tape I bought with lunch money I didn't spend on lunch was Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill The first CD I heard was The Cure - Disintegration The first CD I owned was NIN - Pretty Hate Machine  

Don’t step on my snow

One acre of a gazillion snowflakes. A pretty blanket of pristine. Every snowflake different. Every one adding to the fluff that makes tomorrow impenetrable. Impossible. Probable. Practical. Ten inches, they predict. If… no… there is no if, there is when I shouldn't love you, but I do - as the best of friends

The boy gets an ice cream cake

Seven years ago today. My how time flies. To my son that sometimes doesn't listen. To my son that starts talking when his feet hit the floor and stops talking  when his head hits the pillow. To my linebacker. To my little boy that knows more about dinosaurs than I ever dreamed of knowing. To my son that now wants to learn just as much about other animals. For my frog catcher extraordinaire.  To the soundest sleeper I know.

Christmas 2007, sound asleep on the floor.

To my camping buddy. My water gun canoe dude. To your curious mind, your creative thoughts, your positive outlook. I loved spending your special day with you (and guess what? time changes tonight, so it lasts an extra hour). Happy birthday! I love you to the moon!

I love Oreo Ice Cream cake


Save the queen, aw hell no!

I've been battling fire ants for what feels like ten years now. I finally found some good stuff to kill them, but it only partially works. And the bad part it that it smells like pure crap, rotten eggs, sweat and beer farts all rolled into one disgusting odor. What has been happening as of late is that I sprinkle the white nasty powder on a huge ant hill that mysteriously appeared overnight. Then I watch the worker ants slowly die. Then a few days later, no more ants. Then a day or so later, damn, another ant hill a few feet away. So what I'm wondering is if the queen counts her workers and if a large enough quantity do not return from their daily duties, she tells the whole colony to pick up and move. So yes, a queen in any other sense should be saved, but I'm ready to kill this bitch!


There has been some talk in the last few years about degrees of separation. So I know Brad Pitt. Not directly, but some one I know knows some one that knows him. So how many degrees of separation between any two people are there? Some studies say three, some say five, some say 10degrees. All I know for sure is that I have three degrees of separation between my daughter and myself. In the summer, she likes the AC on 78 and I like it on 81.

Can I mend a broken heart?

My Dearest Dyson, I remember the first time I met you, all clammed up in your box. You were my ex wife's pride and joy. She wouldn't let me touch you. I held back and respected her request, though I constantly admired your sleek curves as you gently rolled across the floor sucking effortlessly. It always gave me goose bumps to see you in motion. Sometimes when she was away, I would sneak in your room and turn you on, but it was always a quick turn on, I didn't want her to know. Then one day, she left and took you with her. I was devastated, but I remembered that one time when you used my cell to call your twin sister. So I went out on a limb and called her. We met at Target and she was just like you, all clammed up in her box at first. But once we got home and I took her out, she really opened up. We raced through the house, she was shaking her money maker all over my bedroom floor. Her curves, wow. We danced through the hall, sometimes I was only wearing boxers, but she never seemed to mind. Everything was turning out beautiful. Over time, though, we saw less and less of each other. Sometimes the house cleaner would come over and she would get turned on and completely ignore me. I was OK with it at first. But then something happened, times when I really needed her, it seemed as though something had clogged her head. She wouldn't do the things she used to do. I thought it was me. I nurtured her for awhile. Some days were bad, others just sucked. Then yesterday, I thought I had it all figured out. We sat down and I gently caressed her and finally cleared her head. And we went back to dancing down the hall and rolling around the bedroom until... I broke her heart. Well, actually it was the little red thing that you step on to get the vacuum to go into "sweep the floor mode." So, since you are sisters, do you think I should call your Dad and see if I can get a replacement heart or should I just let her slouch in the corner. She just won't stand up anymore. I. Just. Don't. Know. If. I. Can. Take. It. I love her, but it's killing me to see her this way. I want to fix it. But is it worth it? Please help! Yours truly, Me

He quit

Yes, he quit. That guy that we all take for granted. He just up and left. I don't know how long I can make it. 10 minutes. 10 hours. 10 days. It's been close to 10 days. So I'm thinking maybe 10 weeks before I look for a replacement. Knowing me, it could be 10 months. It better not be 10 years. Meanwhile, I keep a flashlight handy for those midnight snacks. I don't know what I did or did not do to make the little man that turns the light on in the fridge quit. Maybe it was the benefits package. The pay. He was making way more than he should have been. Working conditions? Yeah, it's cold, but that was in the fucking job description. I suppose he just got burned out after 7 years. It can happen. He knew the contents so well, he shined! I'll miss him. All I can do is wish him a bright future as I search for someone else to light my fridge.

Some nights

There are some memories that you can only share with yourself, no matter how close another person might be. And there are some things you read, or hear that spark that distant memory and you want to share, you really do. But you can't. And those 10 things you learned from that one experience are forever locked in your head. Safe dreams my friends.