Voices within the parallel universe arguing on a single thread

On my left shoulder sits a chameleon, calm, cool, collected, basking in the sun, able to change colors and blend into the environment.  On my right shoulder, a chihuahua, yap yap yap, chasing it's tail in a never ending circle, it's actually more of an oval, but that's a minor detail left for the elders.  Stir the inner chihuahua and you will get your knees nipped at.  You will be taken down from the bottom up; it's going to be a hard fall. 1. A fire is a fire is a fire, roll smoke 2. Lazy morning, chill and hang with my kids before the real world rears it's ugly head 3. F*** you and the horse you rode in on 4. Drown me in the sounds of children laughing, it's the best drug out there 5. If the world is your playground, you may have just lost 6. Listening to the make believe games without context, a realization of the truth from little heads 7. Squash you like a freaking tomato, screw the basil, there ain't a sauce to be made 8. As much as I cannot stand it, I love it when they say "Daddy, I need you" even though I don't know what they need from me 9. They make spray for that 10. You can shake the hand of the mango man as he greets you at the border

coconut coconut coconut


Manic monday

It's just another manic Monday I wish it was Sunday 'Cause that's my fun day My I don't have to run day It's just another manic Monday 4:30 AM... 1 truck 6:00 AM... 2 planes 9:05 AM... 3 trains 10:40 AM... 2 feet Work work work 6:15 PM... 1 train 7:30 PM... 1 bus 7:45 PM... home sweet hotel It's been a long day with just10things to get me from there to here, have a great week!  

Wild at heart

Tonight introduces the speedy category, not just10things, but just1thing.  As with life, things grow and mature, and while just10things will remain, there is a need to slightly expand on the genre. I presume, sometime in the next year, that I will repeat this post with a need for just100things, or just25things.  I'm starting to wonder if the original quantity was just a quasi-achievable number at a point in life.  Can the momentum continue without adhering to said number?

"Yeah, we owned the night"

I had a win today, something I've been working on for, well, since June.  Something I'm ecstatically petrified of.  My `Golden Egg` my fluglebinder.  And my just1thing will change those involved, bringing a smarter workforce, a more efficient daily task, and a more normalized structure to a growing business.  But, there's always just10things.  I remain true. 1. "I finally asked you to dance on that last slow song" 2. boolean isAchievable = true; 3. if (!isAchievable) tryHarder();

"This world keeps spinning faster Into a new disaster so I run to you I run to you baby And when it all starts coming undone Baby you're the only one I run to I run to you"

4. "You've got to know when to hold 'em"

"Anything else is always something better."

5. New York is beautiful 6. Chicago is beautiful 7. Balance balance balance 8. I `sawr` a shark in the `requarium` this weekend 9. Life, what you make of it 10. Life... is more than just1thing