Retire the racer

Well, this is a tough decision to make, but it has to be made. As much fun as it's been, I'm not getting any younger and I just don't have as much time on my hands any more (see I'll do it now, I'll do it later). I will be retiring from lawnmower racing. There, I said it. I would like, though, one favor... To all the racers in Mobile, AL, may I please come race with you one last time? I'm not sure when, its a long haul from NC and I have a few repairs I need to do before I can run again, but I would be honored to race for the last time with such a great group of people! Afterwards, 404 will be for sale or parted out. 302 will be for sale although she is nothing more than a rolling chassis, but does come with MCP brakes, EC front end, Douglas polished aluminum wheels all around with Carlisle rubber on 1.25" rear axle. To all of the friends I've raced with or met at a race or know because of someone that I have raced with or met at a race, I thank you! You are absolutely the best friends. Never has there been a sport (or anything) where I have felt so at home, like everyone is family. You have watched my children while I've been on the track, we've shared hotel rooms in some distant city, I've had tears in my eyes the first time we met (special shout out there to Brian, hang in there brother, the world is cheering for you!). We've raised awareness together (Mike, can't wait to see the movie) through contributions to the cause. So many more... I'm not leaving you, just the track! It's never been about winning... It's not about crossing the finish line first. I've lost and almost won and lost again. It's the thrill of the moment, the feel of 12 horses between your legs (which is not a safe feeling by the way). It's about gas and grass and 00 grease. Shiny side up and rubber on the dirt. Slinging sod they say! And we all win, because we are in it together. You have all been the biggest extended family I've ever known - love ya, mean it! - talk to you soon!!! (And one last race to come) just10things special report: there will be no just10things tonight  

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