Balance (3)

What the heck does being able to ride a bike have to do with finding out more about you? No silly, not that kind of balance. I'm talking about life balance. Those times when you have a gazillion things on your plate, which seems like every day, and how do you balance them so you don't go batshit crazy. Work, life, love, friends, family, alone time, the dog. It all adds up to about 76 hours a day that we need in order to do everything we need to every week. The unfortunate side is that just like your high school class president never delivered a Coke machine to the lunch room, the US President can't increase the amount of hours in the day. So you are screwed! We need to call the Mayans! The wrote the effing calendar, right? This is a fast paced society, how in the world do you keep up? You balance. And yes, if you don't figure out how to maintain balance, you will take pride in the fact that you are honestly committing to believe that you will trust with passion your intimacy when you go eff yourself (wow these are getting harder, no pun, get your mind out of the gutter). So how do you balance? Well, there's the basic "Project Manager" way (no offense to those in the field, using simply for reference) where you list out the things you need to do. Then you rate them using the simple scale of easy and hard. From there, it's a matter of preference. You can attack all the easy things first, get them out of the way and then execute the hard things. Maybe you take the opposite approach, get the hard things out of the way then bang out the easy stuff. What happens when you have things of equal(ish) weight? How do you balance that? True story. I was speaking to a colleague on the shuttle ride back to the airport last weekend and after some general conversation he says to me, "I'm removing 'easy' and 'hard' from my life." What the eff? We kept talking, and I realized that I'm actually pretty close to doing that as well. With balance comes prioritization. It's no longer a bucket of easy things and hard things. To shift your approach means you have various buckets of things of varying degrees of commitment, effort and importance. By removing the general assignment of easy and hard from the equation, you are forced to break things down and essentially rate them. By truly analyzing your list of things, it becomes evident. Once you have accomplished this, balance is pretty straight forward. You find that you will have more free time. Simple concept, astonishing results. The magic quadrant... There's also a work/life balance that is crucial. Let's face it, we all have to work. When we can find that delicate balance of spending time with family and still getting work done, then we are close to golden. And we absolutely positively need to take family in the equation. Not just our kids, but the whole kit and caboodle of family. And friends. But especially kids. If we cannot find time to spend with them, then we may as well go eff... I won't even bother spelling it out, you know. They are the future. They are impressionable and need quality time, interaction and education. If you are so wrapped up in work and cannot give your children the proper guidance, time and attention, well, then, go... it's your choice (next time).

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