Believe (8)

This is not a discussion of faith, this is about the simple act of believing. You cannot have faith if you do not believe. I believe that in general, people are good. I believe that they want to be genuinely honest. I believe that I can make a difference as long as I chose the right things. Sometimes, though, you don't know what the rights things are. That's why I'm here right now talking to you. I'm happy, really, truthfully. But I also believe that I have more to offer, more to achieve, and this is my path to figuring it out. You must be passionate and intimate with believing in yourself and others. Notice that I am not using the word "belief." That word (strike that word from my vocabulary) is a noun. Stagnant, a thing. Believe is a verb, it is something you do, and you must continuously do it, you must take action. "Don't stop, believing" come on, sing along with me. It's a catchy tune, and it's true! I believe that you can achieve great things. I believe that you can make a difference. I believe you can go through and do a deep soul search and figure out your purpose. I believe you are truly amazing. I believe you are in control. If you tell me different, I will passionately and intimately tell you to go eff yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, why will I believe in you? When I sat down to write about believing, one of the hardest things to come to terms with is that I have to believe in myself. Without that fundamental outlook, I'm useless. I believe that I have the ability to achieve anything I set my mind to. It may take time, it may not be easy. If I commit (next time), then it will happen. Cheers my friends!

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