Bite the hand that feeds

I finally painted my daughters room this weekend, it's only been on the radar for 22 months. This marks one more step closer to releiving the house of the "other" person that used to share this space with me. 1. It felt good to put a new purple on the walls and let her pick out a new comforter with a wild mix of mauve and purple 2. I like the purple curtains, I don't care for the pink trimmed mirror on the door, but I will survive 3. I will find her "new" dolls to sit on her shelf 4. And a new desk and chair, where she can do her homework or surf the net 5. This is a stepping stone for her, coming out of her shell, allowing her space to be transformed, things are different now 6. And I let her be the player in the decisions 7. So that it is her space 8. In our house, our home, our place 9. And then there's her brother, yeah, she thinks he's pretty cool, but he's still a brother, and we all know how that goes 10. But there's love in this house - and respect - and friendship - and trust - and love!

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