Christmas decorations

It’s just been hectic times preventing 10 Things posts.  Fourth quarter is taking it’s toll on my love of airplanes and the amount of work saved for hotel desk evenings is piling up fast.  In theory, I only have 8 working days left this year, then vacation to round out a roller coaster year.
  1. Christmas decorations make me cheery (for the first time in a long time, maybe it’s minimalistic approach for decorating this year rather than previous years where it was a contest to squeeze as many decorations as possible into a 3 bedroom house)
  2. Dust will accumulate which keeps Swifter in business (it is a conspiracy)
  3. Children love a Popsicle even when Mother Nature is layering snowflakes on the ground
  4. My first apartment (duplex) after high school on St. Mary’s Street was torn down
  5. “Dinosaurs lived one hundred minnillion years ago” (Quote from my 4 year old)
  6. I miss the artistic side of me
  7. NCDOT has difficult procedures for titling restoration vehicles
  8. Most falls can be turned around through laughter
  9. I really need to cut down the ornamental grass in the front flower bed.  Every time the wind blows, it catches my eye
  10. Double check your payment method when you purchase items online from Amazon, oops, wrong card – my fault
This weeks downloaded tunes:
  1. Little Lion Men by Mumford & Sons
  2. Sometime Around Midnight by The Airborne Toxic Event
  3. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cuties
  4. If I Die Young by The Band Perry

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