Dear Fibromy-Awesome

I've never met you, but I read you. Your writings have made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes. Tonight, I sit, awake and alive, reading "It's Snowing In New York." I stopped reading at the title and... 1. Wondered if I would wake my roommate 2. Having hours ago put on the PJ's, then 3. Traded the PJ's for jeans and a t-shirt 4. Fumbled to find shoes and fumbled again to tie them in the dark 5. Wrapped a scarf around my neck 6. Slipped into to my coat 7. Didn't care that my hair would turn a mess-put on a hat 8. Quietly unlocked and opened the door 9. To slip away, outside, to the city 10. On the small ray of hope that it is snowing in New York And when I returned to my room, having not yet found the snow, I shivered in the mystery, then read the rest of your words. You made the snow a possibility, in all it's truth and glory. And added some deepness behind it all. Perfect crystalline objects... New York would love you! Keep writing, be strong!

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