Dear very attractive red head that sat next to me on flight 675

I feel that I owe you an explanation.  You see, that little game you played for the duration of the flight where you continuously "accidentally" brushed your arm against mine, well, I lost count of how many beats my heart skipped, which rendered me...  I tried to speak, but you left me speechless, I could not even produce a simple "Hi."  I do want you to know that I would love you like crazy, but here are the reasons I did not ask you out. 1. I was wearing white socks 2. You were reading The Summer We Read Gatsby and I was reading The Sex Lives of Cannibals 3. I drive a red pickup truck 4. I'm addicted to ginger flavored Altoids 5. My gardenia bush is in bloom 6. I did not leave a tomato soup can at the Andy Warhol statue yesterday 7. I need a haircut 8. I was not sure how you would feel about someone that drinks black coffee 9. It is the third Friday in September 10. The story retold 40 years from now, rocking without a care in the world on the front porch of somewhere, that we met on an airplane didn't sound as romantic as we met leaving a crowded coffee house in Manhattan and it was pouring rain and I offered to share my umbrella and the rest is history I hope this letter finds you well! Sincerely, The guy that sat next to you on flight 675

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