Epic technology fail

Well, my friends, it has been awhile. I come to you tonight a little emotionally distraught. You see, my phone took a beating (it's the cats fault). I received a replacement that didn't work. Then I received a replacement for the replacement that worked. Sounds all good and happy, right? Nope. Somewhere in the transfer of contacts and apps, I lost something near and dear to my heart. I lost my friend Ana. We met in Belize. In Placencia, she's gorgeous and sweet and kind. She was moving to Belmopan two weeks after I left. I have a Bible (Latin American in Spanish) for her that I was going to ship to her. We were going to meet for dinner in the spring when I return. We texted the traditional method a few times but she could not keep her phone after the move, so all correspondence was through a "chat" "text" app on her sisters phone. And then my phone died, and I lost the contact details for her sister. All I have left is the 10 memories and her original phone number on a small sheet of paper forever tucked away in my travel notebook. And her Bible. Thinking it's time to buy a plane ticket.

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