Happy Thanksgiving: a toast, 10AM isn’t too early, is it?

Every day we give thanks For friends, for family, for life For those that are with us every day, for those we see occasionally, and for those that are no longer with us For that stretch every morning you wake up and realize that, hey, I made it through another day For the sorrow and pains that we can get through because we have the strength to move on For the laughter, especially in children, that brightens our day and lifts us up For blue skies and green grass, and gravity to keep us grounded For hugs and high fives and hand shakes For being able to dream, for setting goals and for sometimes being able to reach our dreams and achieve our goals For today! As you are just about to plunge your fork into tender turkey, stop, look up and look around, at all that is around you, and find your just10things to be thankful for.  Cheers my friends, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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