I have a dog

Oh my, I have a dog! I've only thought about adding to my family for 6 months or so. I wanted a rescue and had made contacts over the past few months and just sat and waited for the right little gal to need a home. My kids are old enough now to help with taking care of her and heck, it was Fathers Day weekend, so perfect timing. Here's what I know about puppies after 3 days... 1. They like to chew, a lot (especially network cables) 2. They go potty, a lot 3. The like to cuddle, a lot 4. They like to walk underneath you 5. They can be loud when you are on the phone 6. They have sad little eyes that make you forgive them 7. They are full of energy 8. Yet they like to sleep, a lot 9. They make a mess of toilet paper 10. They are great having around Meet Lola!

Hi, I'm Lola

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