Marketing or me, the real world test

After punishing my new shoes, I'm finally getting the opportunity to put them to the real world test.  Let's go, NYC. Day 1. I laced up my brown Merrell's and revved up the pickup after throwing the suitcase in the back.  Driving with these as extensions of my feet really connects me to the pedal, I can feel every slight movement.  I parked, 4A, don't forget!  Arriving at the airport I wonder how security will go, they don't just slip on like boots do after you've been scanned, patted, otherwise violated, but I for once had plenty of extra time.  Walking through the airport, I honestly felt like I was barefoot, which is a little on the nasty side considering how many people walk on that same floor.  I checked a couple times to ensure my feet were indeed in shoes and felt better.  A layover in St. Louis and 6 hours later, I arrive in beautiful Newark, hop in a cab, speed through town and finally check into the hotel.  Results: no pain, no blisters, feet happy, legs a little cramped. Day 2. Destination Manhattan, repeat nasty feeling walking barefoot and checking to make sure I have shoes on multiple times.  Results:  distance walking = 4.2 miles, no pain, no blisters, feet happy, legs moderate. Day 3. Long day ahead which starts in Jersey City.  The day goes well and finally wraps about 4 at which point I head into Manhattan.  Who needs a subway when your feet are engulfed in shoes that were made for them?  Results: distance traveled walking = 3.4 miles, no pain, no blisters, feet happy, legs happy.  I think I'm in love with my shoes!  I cannot wait to try Chicago in these babies... Day 4. A more walking day, unfortunately, the city at 95 degrees is brutal so I must maintain my water intake.  Results: distance traveled walking = 2.7 miles, no blisters, feet happy, legs happy Day 5. Today I only needed to make a quick run into the city to retrieve my laptop and have a short meeting, then off to the airport.  I'm very pleased at the end of the day, finally sinking into the couch at home successfully completing a real world test of a superb pair/pairs of shoes.  My feet are thanking me and although my legs are a little cramped, I feel confident that I will never put another shoe on and the cramps will subside over time. Day 6. The lazy barefoot day at home.  I slipped an older pair of standard tennis shoes on for about an hour today.  The muscles in my legs are killing me and my feet hurt.  I think it's time for them to be tossed. Day 7. I learn today that I can sprint through the airport like a cheetah as I make it to the gate with only minutes to spare.  Did I mention that between the pair on my feet and the two pairs in my luggage, they take up less room that a pair of boots used to, and weigh so much less. Day 8. Not much walking today, but I'd like to point out how much you can really feel the terrain beneath you.  It's almost like you are able to grasp the ground as a monkey would a tree limb.  There's not much need to report results any longer, it's basically the same.  I have come to the conclusion that tying my shoes is an art, too tight and it completely changes the shape of the shoe, but it's easy to tell right away. 9. May as well post my results now, I can tell that things are going well, and I'm eager to post my findings.  So what had started as a ten day test ( and the longest span of time to write a single post ) has ended two days short. 10. For sale: 4 pairs of boots Tunage:
  1. Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen

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