Marketing or me

Like a snake, I have shed the first sun kissed layer. For 4 years, I have relied on boots for travel, soft supple leather to comfort my feet.  My first dislike for boots was Austin, TX walking endlessly down the streets, soaking in the live music and pulsating rhythms of various clubs.  My next run in was in NYC as I was making my daily trek from hotel to train to streets to work and enjoying the afternoons wandering aimlessly.  Pain!  It's time to take care of my feet, so I spent a week researching shoes and walking.  Every company claims that their shoes are the best and ergonomic and comfortable and whatnot.  I stumble through countless reviews and decide to make a plunge.  I ordered a pair of Merrell Barefoot Tough Gloves which will offer me 1. 4mm compression molded midsole cushion 2. 1mm forefoot shock absorption plate 3. 0mm ball to heel drop 4. 7.1oz each When they arrived I started looking for manufacturer recommendations to properly break them in only to find that they are ready to "roll."  Well, let's put them to the test then, the worst that could happen is 6. The shoes fail 7. My feet fail 8. I fail So, a pair of thin athletic socks go on and then I laced up my new shoes, right out of the box!  Where were we going you ask?  5 miles on the treadmill with a 1.5 hour time limit, surely I would fail first.  I typically do not run to these extremes preferring a slower pace, but I had to let these shoes prove themselves. 8. I survived 9. Not a single blister 10. I discovered some previously unused muscles in my legs that are a bit on the sore side as these shoes almost require you to learn how to walk/run again, but in a good way Overall, Merrell live up to their claims with this line, I have already ordered a second pair.  I never knew that my feet could feel so good wrapped tight in a shoe that barely feels like it is there.  I shall once again enjoy walking to work in these, and the added benefit of being able to take a run afterwards without changing shoes. Tunage:
  1. Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum
  2. Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean
  3. Brains Stew by Green Day
  4. Fire by the Pointer Sisters
  5. Famous Last Words by Chemical Romance
  6. Old Alabama by Brad Paisley
  1. Amaro

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