My adventures on a Mac

Santa got iPods for both of my kids, within 15 minutes they were playing music, downloading games and sending each other messages. Kids absorb, they are little sponges. Me, however, I'm old. I can still learn, but it takes me a little longer. This is also the case when I have well over 15 years of "experience" with something. This something is Microsoft Windows and various *nix platforms. So the other day I decided to get a super sexy MacBook Air. Mostly because I like toys, but also because I feel that I need to know how to use a Mac, but mostly just because I like toys. So after a day, here's my list of things that are just weird to me. 1. Is it me, or is there no such thing as a right click? 2. I use Lotus Notes, which I've installed. In Notes the shortcut to mark a message as read is the Insert key. Does a Mac not have one? If it does, I surely cannot locate it 3. How do I copy/paste? 4. Please explain to me the control, command, option, alt, fn and how they relate to the keys - it feels like overload 5. How do I get an application out of full screen? 6. I installed Firefox, but I cannot find it once I closed it last night, where did it go? 7. Is the dock at the bottom all apps or just most recently used apps? 8. I can't figure out where open applications go sometimes, how do I alt-tab like the Windows world? 9. Is there a Mac for Dummies book? 10. I'm in love with it (go ahead and say it, "I told you so") but it sure is making me feel dumb right now, and I'm a geek, so that's not cool

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