My new home (guest author)

Hi, this is Lola reporting in here after two weeks of potty training and life in my new home. I missed the kids, they have been gone for almost 2 weeks on vacation with their mom. I got to hang out with my new Dad while he worked. I had a lot of fun, but boy, my Dad runs a tight ship. Crate, walk, play, crate, walk, play. I found out I can bark and learned how to chase my tail. I listened to a lot of conference calls that my Dad was on, boy, I'm not sure how he puts up with it sometimes! At least now he is taking breaks from the computer and spending quality play time with me!!! Oh, and guess what? I had a video Skype call with my Dad's friends in Chicago, they have a dog too, I think her name is MP. Anyways, the kids finally came home, I was so excited to see them. My new brother was a little skittish around me at first, I was just so happy to see him, but I finally realized that he didn't like me jumping on him. My new sister is really good at taking me on walks, but oh my gosh, it is soooo hot this week, so we don't spend too long outside. She got me a new toy, a chewy giraffe that I like to play fetch with. They laugh at me when I slide across the floor trying to get it. Well, my Dad got mad at me a couple of times when I had a little accident. I need to get better at telling him that I need to, well, you know, go - I guess I just got excited and forgot! I think I'm doing pretty good though, I even have my own spot in the yard where I get to do my "dirty" business. Anyways, this gets me to my point. My big sister made a schedule for me. I'm not sure what a schedule is, but she must. She must have put a lot of time into it because it's 3 pages long. It has all of these words on it, and some numbers too. She hung it up on the fridge and keeps looking at it all day long. It starts at 6 am! I overheard her telling my Dad that she was setting her alarm for 6, but I woke up a little early and really had to go. My Dad took me out, man did he look rough. I guess people need coffee in the morning before they look good! Oh, yeah, that reminds me, I tried coffee when my Dad wasn't looking one morning, I didn't really like it, but for some reason, I couldn't stop running the rest of the morning. Back to the schedule. It's divided into pages, one for each of morning, afternoon, night. She must be really smart! This is going to be hard, she has my entire day planned out, what I'm doing and when I'm doing it. Crate, walk, play, crate, walk, play. She even has a bed time for me, what if I want to stay up late and watch a movie, or hang out at the camp fire like we did a couple of weekends ago? Maybe if I'm really nice, she will let me, as long as I don't abuse the privilege. Yesterday was weird though, my brother and sister had on their swim suits and then they went to the pool. What happened to my schedule? I just said "oh well" and went to sleep for awhile. I was so excited when they finally came back. We were back on track. But then it all went crazy. It was so hot out that we didn't stay out for as long as the schedule said we would. I spent more time out of my crate and playing. I feel like I messed up her planning. My Dad wasn't helping either, he wasn't paying attention to the schedule at all. We were getting the right order, but way off on the times she had so meticulously planned. Sometimes I had to go when it wasn't time for a walk, and sometimes I was too tired from playing that I just crashed. I think they were tired too. 1. I usually remember not to bite 2. I'm having less accidents 3. I love to play with my big sister and brother 4. My toys are so cool 5. I can't wait for it to cool down outside, I like long walks 6. I feel pretty tech savvy 7. I love my naps 8. I like to dig dig dig 9. I like my new home 10. My new family has a lot of love to give me! Lola

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