Poison dart frogs and In Fine Spirits

1. Six comes early when you are delivered back to a hotel at three in the morning climbing sideways up the elevator testing rooms with your key until finding one that unlocks. I fell into a deep passed out state only to be startled by an alarm promptly waking my not so sober self. No! I was not going stay horizontal and big headed. I would not do this, I could not. I was in my magical kingdom. Throw some sweats on your drunk ass, swallow some coffee, an aspirin and an energy drink, now! Take your sorry self and go jog Michigan Avenue. And that's just what I did for thirty minutes, returning to the hotel less mushy than when I had left. A short taxi ride gallops me to an underwater wonder, close up and personal. Rivers of Cichlids, oceans of Jellies, seas of Horses. Poison dart frogs in blue and yellow breaking the green landscape. A pool of ocean sport whales and dolphins recognizing shapes and sounds jumping, breaking waves putting on a mystical show. Red tailed hawks glide across the pool to gently claw solid ground upon a perch with rewards of cryogenic mice. Natural beauty caged in concrete, steel and glass. The remainder of midday filled my ears with fingers tapping keyboards. 2. Design is the ability to provide form over function. 3. Listening to the sounds of ideas surfacing over potentially mesmerizing, yet unheard, music was intriguing. 4. While never experiencing notes directly, the passion behind promotion is sometimes just as soothing. Hours and hours pass before a venturous soul toting essential baggage decides to cruise through the quiet streets of Andersonville heading west towards Clark in anticipation of a friend coming in from LA, my Oz until Sunday. Geo-tagging check in at a posh wine bar serving freshly tapped Firkin. Thirstily, I consume. 5. My connected world is collapsing with a laptop battery dying and a cell battery dying even faster. Luggage has been dropped in the land of Oz and my place in the wine line preserved. I had stepped outside to breathe a nicotine enhanced breath when I started a chat with a pleasant lady from Michigan. We spoke softly of wine when from out of the wine store proclaiming the best Shiraz he had ever tasted. I stepped in, bought two bottles returning to my companion presenting one for her and one for me. She bought me a drink later that evening. Native and Oz present themselves and a ciggy break finds two ladies again. More stolen kisses and Firkin flowing, the night once again dances to the beat of randomness. “Will I see you again?” “In the social channels.” Kiss and good night. I stumble back to something horizontal once again, but only a few blocks walk. My tired feet take me with Oz guiding, too intoxicated to make a list of 10, just 10 things. The drinks:
  1. Stone IPA from North County San Diego
  2. Raw Power Shiraz from South Australia
  3. St. Germaine
  4. Death's Door Gin
  5. Firkin
  1. Time to Pretend by MGMT

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