To justify a $3.00 coffee

Something a little different this time.
  1. Many villagers in some remote region are hand picking the coffee beans
  2. There are people who stare at monitors all day long to ensure the water treatment facility is delivering clean water to my barista
  3. A software developer helped write the interface to the POS system that allows me to be charged for a Venti Americano
  4. Another software developer helped to write the uplink contract between POS and credit processing centers which allows me to pay by credit card
  5. If the manufacturer of the lids has a defect and does not adhere to quality control, I will end up with coffee stains on my $60 shirt
  6. Someone drove hundreds of miles across open highways to deliver the coffee beans to my barista
  7. Assuming the beans actually come from the region by which they are named, a brave sea captain piloted a vessel across open waters to deliver the beans to a distribution center
  8. The inventor of the modern day espresso machine should get props
  9. On the rare occasion I add dairy products to my beverage of choice, the dairy farmer cannot go without thanks
  10. The wonderful baristas I’ve met at so many coffee shops across the continent aim to please each and every patron
So, you see, $3.00 for a cup of coffee is actually pretty cheap considering. This weeks tunage:
  1. Gold Guns Girls by Metric
  2. Ready to Start by Arcade Fire
  3. Let’s Do the Time Warp Again from RHPS
  4. Snuff by Slipknot
Stay tuned for 2010 10 things, coming soon!

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