At 4:13 AM, she sat very uncomfortably in the plush tan leather recliner staring at her watch.  Her husband's normal gentle stroking of her long auburn hair that normally would have soothed her was bordering on reasons to kill.  Justina Claire was busy counting the minutes between contractions, the last thing she could feel at that moment was pleasant.  The time was soon.  At 7:44 AM, they sped away in the suburban, the suitcase, ever so carefully planned and packed, sat lonely on the rug in the middle of the living room floor.  In the waiting room, her pain grew intense and her mood spun out of control, but alas the comforts of medicine promised to release her as she was admitted.  She laid in bed, clenching her fists, praying this would soon be over.  The time is now.  His hands became numb as the grip Justina had tightened with every push.  "Remember the breathing," he kept saying.  At 10:01 AM, a new life. 1. What color eyes did the new baby have? 2. What time zone do Justina's parents live in? 3. What color Suburban did they drive? 4. What was in the suitcase? 5. How did Justina react when she found out the suitcase had been left behind? 6. What town did they live in? 7. How far was it to the hospital? 8. Who was the first person she called when the baby was born? 9. What did she have for dinner on Tuesday? 10. Was it a boy or a girl? Fire the comprehension and context engines, we are going on a trip. Follow the adventure.

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