Crisp cool fall air surrounded him, the sounds of kids playing filled his ears.  He was 14 and the city had been his life.  Jacob Friedman enjoyed playing basketball in the park, he loved street hockey in the afternoons with friends, he was happy being outdoors.  This particular evening, the sky was black, the moon new and the stars bright.  For Jacob, however, the stars were just a dream, in all his years, he had never seen a star, the city lights masked the heavens sparkles.  He had seen pictures in school books and longed to one day get out of the city to find a meadow where he could stretch out in the tall thin grasses and gaze into the sky as the sun sank slowly out of sight.  For now, he lay on the bench of his rooftop terrace, his mind wandering. 1. What was Jacob's older brothers name? 2. Was math his favorite subject in school? 3. How many blocks away was the closest grocery store? 4. What was his mothers name? 5. How many times a week did he play street hockey? 6. What did he want to be when he grew up? 7. Did his family own a car? 8. What month was he born in? 9. Did Jacob like spinach? 10. How tall was he? Fire the comprehension and context engines, we are going on a trip. Follow the adventure.

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