The tattoo of a crow gracing the left side of his neck, Frank Rodgers strolled cautiously through the dark alleys of the predawn city.  It was the best shortcut, the straightest line between origination and destination, and he took it in stride every morning with his man purse thrown casually over his shoulder. The dark green leather matched his sunken eyes, and as he rounded the corner it fell to the cold pavement with an empty thud.  Gravity works in this town, overtime, he thought, realizing that the strap on his satchel had broke.  The cold sweat of a tireless worker overtook him as he scrambled to pick up his belongings, cursing the One he believed in.  Frank sunk into the spasm of death and withered away in the emptiness of concrete and glass, with no one to hear his cries, his belongings scattered on the sidewalk. 1. Did someone cut the strap? 2. What happened prior to his dreadful day? 3. What industry did Frank work in? 4. What is the meaning of the green leather man purse? 5. What was in the bag? 6. Why was Frank taking the dark alley ways to work? 7. What is the importance of the tattoo? 8. Why did he not use public transportation in the city? 9. Who did he believe in? 10. Was it raining? Fire the comprehension and context engines, we are going on a trip. Follow the adventure.

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