And the chase was on

It seems that the story is always told in the eyes of the human and never the chased. Today we flip this around and although I was not there, I have put on my possum goggles and will attempt to retell the tale of the great chase. Dammit, they haven't taken the garbage out Hehe, the screen door is slightly ajar, now's my chance Ah, the aroma of bacon and eggs fresh off the griddle - I can already taste it Focus. Mission. I. Am. Here. For. Food. Focus. Focus. Focus Perfect, I'll just jump on her lap then right up to the table Oh shit, she saw me! Why is she screaming? Why am I flying? THUD! Ouch! Get back on your feet young possum What's that in her hand? It looks like a shovel, this isn't going to be good I feel like I'm running fast, but I'm not moving much. Stupid slippery floor. Can't. Get. Traction. SWAT! Whew, that was close, she's a maniac, a maniac with a shovel. ABORT!

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