Inappropriate icons

I round the corner, roller bag in tow and see the doors of the elevator start to close.  I hurried to ask the occupant to hold the door, but opted for the daring move of sticking body parts into closing metal doors that could surely crush your skull.  The doors opened back up as I stepped into the elevator.  Carrie, as she later introduced herself, apologized for hitting the wrong button to keep the door open.  So for the next 8 floors, we discussed and laughed about why elevator buttons for opening and closing the door were inappropriate icons, which has me wondering, what else it just wrong in the way of user interface that we just accept, and sometimes struggle with.  Since I could not think of any that cause us to come close to the possibility of loosing an arm or a leg should the safety mechanisms fail, today's list is technology news.
  1. Inside the $41 Million Investment in Color
  2. Missing Cobra Shows Up... on Twitter
  3. Amazon Floats Cloud Music Service
  4. Will Apple Grow WWDC in the Wake of Sell-Outs?
  5. Cord Cutters (I dropped cable/satellite already)
  6. Why You Can't Ignore Social Media
  7. Intel Announces 600 GB SSD
  8. Behold the World's Largest Photo: 40 Gigapixels
  9. Google Fast Flip (catching up on news is fun again)
  10. Java Inventor Joins Google
  1. Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band
  2. Hold That Thought by Chuck Wicks
  3. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way by Alabama (cover)
  4. Staring Down by Collective Soul
  5. Smoke a Little Smoke by Eric Church
  1. St Peters Old Style Porter

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