Like butter, that’s how I roll

Just a random thoughtless Friday morning blogging at a bar in the airport chatting with the patrons about them pee cramps you get when taxiing because you had one too many brews in the terminal before you boarded the plane.  Well, now I know I'm not the only one. 1. I'm trying to come up with the most remote location on our lovely planet.  Wherever this may be, I'm booking a week there so I can disconnect 2. And she was 3. Which reminds me, it is time to start planning the island adventures for next year, I can't wait for the tasty tales that will surface 4. The world was moving 5. This week has been full of information, knowledge transfer, discovery, immersion tactics, etc resulting in sponge like brain exercises.  The weekend will be full of background processing of all this stuff so that Monday I can start requirements and design 6. Take a minute to concentrate 7. I'm totally digging the beautiful Carolina sunshine and crisp cool air this time of year.  It's refreshing, it clears your head, and for some reason, put's an extra skip in your step 8. Not touching the ground at all 9. Dynamically loading a JavaScript file based on a users selection, hmmm, this might be an efficient way to break out the complexity of variable data and ease the maintenance aspects of thousands of lines of code 10. She has a pleasant elevation Thanks to Talking Heads for filling the void, I had what some call writers block  

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