PBJ and wine

Things that may not typically go together, however, you never know until you try. I'm not sure I can pull the essence of just ten things into a single post.  I'm not sure I can explain PBJ and wine.  I'm not sure I can handle another day of the heat index over 100. Software: 1. Is like building Legos, interconnected, limitless 2. When it doesn't do exactly what you need, extend and enhance it 3. Needs to be controlled and governed Life: 4. Is like playing with Tinker Toys, sturdy, fragile 5. If it isn't going your way, look to friends for guidance 6. Fluid and unpredictable Lawnmowers: 7. Are like playing with fire 8. When you don't come in first, ask for advice 9. Fast and furious And finally: 10. Single dad lawnmower racing computer geek say what? (You'd get it if you had a daughter into Miley Cyrus) I love the way dusk plays off of the sand and water.  I love having seen Mickey Mouse in a girl fishing.  I love having seen 2 sumo wrestlers in a family walking.  Most of all, I just loved the moments. Drinkage: 1. H2O

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