Campfire songs

Life in the country
  1. There are three hundred sixty degrees in a circular fire pit, why must all 5 children stand in one spot to roast marshmallows?
  2. The swirls of flames dancing against the shadows of trees
  3. Billie Holiday
  4. The sound of kids playing in the dark
  5. Crickets
  6. Clear sky star gazing with the aid of Google Sky
  7. Primitive
  8. Relaxing times with friends and family
  9. Cool summer evenings
  10. I'm OK with where life has me right now

Life, simple

The simple side
  1. Carolina night sky crystal clear peppered with twinkling bits of pixie dust and the big little dipper
  2. Marshmallow stick hunting and the sound of breaking twigs as feet navigate like stealth jungle cats
  3. Crackle pop of oak glowing against the clean blackness of night
  4. Laughter echoing through the trees
  5. Stubborn corks hiding sweet goodness with a mellow finish, fruity and crisp
  6. Water gun fights in the dark
  7. Music, repeat, the song is just that good
  8. Two baths to get the dirt off, little boys play hard (and dirty)
  9. Melty yummy jet puffed on a stick, double burned
  10. A tender moment full of butterflies and fireworks
  1. Delerium tremens
  1. Rolling In the Deep by Adele