Empire down

My reflection, dance the ghost with me.  Meet me in Chi Town and ring in the new year, you love it just as much as I do.  In the mean time, I'll be in Brooklyn. It's coincidental what leaving at a specific time does to your experience.  It's crazy to think that a one second delay can lead to silly encounters.  It's wicked how decisions can lead to beautiful moments.  It's other worldly how much people you don't know can talk, thereby causing the delay that leads you to a place where you end up having a dashing night of fun.  Yeah, I said dashing. Franklin park reading night, dressed in flowery hippie fashion, jazz blasting, reggae blaring, garage door style entrance, chic crowd, cash only, I'm exhausted but I'm staying, call me crazy, dark hair horn rimmed glasses, I won't take you home, but we can talk, it's a different vibe than Manhattan, swing to the left, sashay to the right, bleed emotion in the prose, and a southern, albeit distant, twang in your voice that burns a memory in a brain part that I can't pronounce or spell, buy a book, make a friend, talents shared, whiskey shot, lemon drop, it all tastes the same. 1. Cabs: 87% carry a stench of stale sweat that never shares the fare, the remaining 13% I try not to place the smell 2. Slightly interested: When I asked if I could buy you a drink... you answered.  No fru-fru fancy cocktail, no $20 glass of wine, no exotic craft brew, but a "yes" to a PBR? 3. Truffle fries: fireworks in my mouth 4. Stranded:  There is no sunken helpless and lost feeling as bad as trying to catch a cab when none are rolling by at 430AM with a dead cell phone in the middle of Brooklyn 5. NYPD: Coming out of the subway to be greeted by a hundred officers in full riot gear is not a pleasant way to start a Thursday morning 6. Floral arrangements: The most beautiful I've seen wrapped in plain white paper carried by some random stranger on the train 7. Accordions: Pleasant tunes as a hat passed round for tips, again on the train 8. Fine lines: Details and the devil within 9. Intrigue: Leave it to distance to spark 10. Words: Expressions and combinations to make you pause and reflect