Searching portal and wcm and maybe more with google search appliance

Wow, what a ride this has been.  Mission: expose IBM Web Content Management and WebSphere Portal to Google Search Appliance.  Should you choose to accept this mission, beware that you will go from zero to 500 mph in 2 seconds flat, and then slam on the brakes and beg for forgiveness (or puke out the window).  From a nuts and bolts perspective, and at a 30k foot level, this mission is possible.  Add in all of the constraints and oddities and the dancing kangaroo, and it becomes a train wreck (with some inkling of survival).  Here are my rules for pulling this stunt off for all future endeavors 1. A link is a link  is a link, and Google will follow.  Text is text is text, and Google will read it.  If you have things you do not want indexed, be prepared when I sit you down and tell you that your theme/skin/portlets/content is getting ready to be peppered with GoogleOn and GoogleOff.  I'll show you how, but I'm not creating the business rules 2. Google must index your content with an account that has access to the content, I cannot change this (see getting into a car without a key or breaking windows) 3. If you desire Google to only return results a user has access to, be prepared to sit down again when I explain the potential infrastructure changes you are going to need to make.   They aren't too bad, but you need to have a ray of hope as I explain it, and re-explain it, and probably 15 more times explain it.  No matter how you slice it, your content will take a hit at some point in every search request.  It's small, the world will not come crashing down.  Be open to new ideas here and we can get through it 4. Since I'm making the rules (at least right now) if you use a File Resource component in your WCM content, I will be a happier camper if you can use same authoring template for all of this content type 5. See #4 about the rules, but if you have fields i  your authoring template that you want indexed as content meta data, please use the text component, not option select, etc (at least until I complete code extension #2 to address this) 6. Be prepared to have someone that can administer your Google appliance at my disposal, and at the drop of a hat (except when I make a coffee run) 7. I'm not very fond of exclusions of content being searchable as a requirement.  You get nothing or you get everything.  If, and only if, you execute IA correctly, I can pick where to start indexing as long as all children will be included 8. Friendly URLs make this much easier, but I no longer consider this a total dependancy 9. Just a little teaser, I expect to have IBM Connections and Lotus Quickr-J completed shortly, thus expanding the options 10. Happy enterprise searching

The strange and the beautiful

About four years and some odd months ago, I took a wonderful trip to a new employer.  This was a move that was very hard to make as it took travel from zero to one hundred and brought lots of unknowns along the way.  Somehow, in all this, I have dealt with more oddities in my tenure than in the years I've been alive.  Today's my unofficial Friday, well, I fly home in the morning and will spend Friday doing the weekly administrative things, but for now, I sit here, propped up by the bar at Killarney Rose in lower Manhattan, reflecting on the strange beautifuls I've had over the last 4 years. 1. Quickr-J: I installed it for a company in Pittsburgh,  long before it had a complete installation guide.  I honestly did not even know what the software was supposed to do 2. Quickr-D: Oh my, this stuff has multiple flavors.  Big differences here in the early days, why was I the one that should know the differences? 3. Connections: Yes, that, too, before it really had substance 4. Quickr-J: We started getting intimate 5. Dot Net: Really, from an IBM centric company, sure, no worries 6. Sharepoint: Ok, this is getting a little bit much 7. Google: Google?  What the - Oh - Google Search Appliance, you want to search what?  Quickr?  Sure, why not! 8. Quickr: Even more Quickr-J sprinkled with Quickr-D 9. OpenText LiveLink: Bring it on! 10. More Google... More Quickr...More Sharepoint... More Connections... More LiveLink I seem to have found this weird little space, and when things don't exactly fit, I get to sort out the oddities.  I'll admit, I've slept with Quickr code for over 4 years now, I'll admit that I know my way around Sharepoint, I'll admit that I've got your Google Appliance covered when it comes to integrating.  I'll go out on a limb that I could probably still dev in Dot Net, and I've worked the LiveLink magic. So I suppose, if it seems out of place, strange, or improbable, you can ping me.  I'll probably speak to how it could potentially work by mixing technologies in a blender to make pleasantries. And I'll bring you a UI/UX team that will make the experience worthwhile! Cheers from Never Never Land!