I need your help

Dear imaginary girlfriend... This past Saturday, the kids and I decided it was time to clean up the fallen branches from the last umpteen weeks of crazy storms. But this decision didn't happen until after we decided to have a camp fire. Out comes the lawnmower and trailer and off to collect kindling and firewood. Who is doing the majority of the work? The gals. My daughter and her friend next door, the 2 boys were inside playing Lego's or something. So we rode the trailer around and I stopped at all the places where there were branches and sticks and they picked them up and threw them in the trailer. We came across a large branch that the gals couldn't lift, so off the lawnmower I go. I attempted to load the large branch into the trailer only to find out it was covered in fire ants. I dropped it. But... A single fire ant. Down my shorts. Bit my ass. Game over. Collecting firewood was done, my seat was on fire. I sent the kids inside. And then I realized we had been in the woods for hours collecting firewood. So... 1. Can you check me for ticks? 2. My ass is on fire, can you grab the itch cream and help out a little, cause I can't see back there? 3. I think that's too much, we shall skip the next 7 (happy 7 things left to your imagination) Cheers, Your imaginary boyfriend

Sunburned and selfish

What a freakin' awesome weekend, and a 3 day one at that! Just me and the kids, we had the hood to ourselves for a change. It started with a ball game Friday night where my daughter's team is really starting to show that they can play. They still lost, but that's not the point. They are maturing into a pretty good team considering their pre-season practices were mostly rained out and almost all of the girls are first time players. I'm proud of them! In preparation for a long weekend, I let the kids make the decision of what to do, fully aware it would just be the three of us (sort of). It was head to the beach or stay at home and chill, do some gardening and invite Grandma and Grandpa over for a cookout. Stay at home won, which honestly was a little weird considering they are beach babies through and through. So we hung out ALL weekend, and it rocked! And I got a little bit too much sun! And they were nice enough to lather me up with aloe in the evening. And I'm a little sad that it's over, but there's always next time! 1. Digging up plants that we are donating to someone else's yard 2. Flip flops or bare feet, no need for shoes 3. Hot hot hot Carolina sun 4. Grillin' and chillin' 5. Suntan lotion a little too late 6. Bathing suits and running through the sprinkler 7. Catching frogs in the pond 8. Fireflies in the evening 9. Hit a few hundred balls in the back yard (square up those feet, elbow up, bat back) 10. Enjoying spending time together, just the three of us A little blast from the past, last Memorial Day, I was sliding on a wing and a prayer across 100ft of plastic and vegetable oil on a home made slip and slide that ended with bruises for 3 weeks, so here's to keeping it low key!

Sand between my toes

1. Sand baking in 100 degrees for a few hours is hot enough to grow blisters on your feet, lesson learned 2. Two feet of water plus a two foot wave puts both my little ones in a little over their head, 206 tears later, we were back out in the water 3. I went body boarding for the first time in probably ten years, with a twist. I went blind, well, close enough, without my glasses. My depth perception suffers greatly with my naked eyes, I felt eight feet tall walking from the blanket to the water (need to do that more often, being not short was kind of neat). As the waves sucked in to topple over themselves, they looked like monsters with gaping mouths ready to swallow me and a body board with one gulp. Still, I let go of my fear and pushed with the power of nature towards the shore, probably with a pretty big grin 4. Is there an age where you finally say "I don't give a ____" and you realize that not all of the suntan lotion has rubbed in and you have white streaks all over and it's not a big deal? I think I've reached that age. 5. I pushed the limits of stamina at 3 hours in the hot sun and warm waters 6. Son, I'm sorry, but I don't think you will catch those little fish in the surf with a bucket 7. Don't leave the beach towels in the truck - stinky ride home 8. Or half eaten orders of chicken nuggets, a cooler full of water (that was once ice) and pork rinds (half eaten as well) - stinky truck after 6 days of sitting in the airport parking garage 9. Life's a beach, roll with the waves - they come crashing down regardless, ride them out, or drown 10. Off topic, I may have exposed and pushed a topic outside the scope of Just10Things too far tonight of which the consequences will be either loose a friend, or gain a better friend. Value friendship for friendship so that you can continue to look forward to something you look forward to.

Hot summer nights

1. Flashlight frog hunting
2. Drifting on the Hot Wheels down the driveway
3. Toy electric guitar concert on the tailgate of the pickup
4. Lemonade
5. Sound of crickets
6. Rocking chair front porch
7. Sounds of children laughing
8. It's a little bit cooler than the daytime triple digits
9. Totally laid back
10. That's the biggest frog I've seen around here