Bring on the window washer

I had a pretty heated argument with Me last night, so I slept on the couch.  The thing is, when I awoke this morning, neither Me nor I really could remember what the argument was about.  We had consumed a glass of wine each and were laughing and having a grand time and then it just all went south. I just don't know!  Overall, I think our relationship has been pretty good, I mean, we've been together almost 36 years.  Wow, that's a pretty good bit of time! Meet Myself, the window washer, with the sole responsibility of ensuring that the view is clear, and when I say clear, I mean crystal.  There are, as with any job, varying degrees of excellence in execution while performing this task, sometimes good, sometimes [to borrow from a 4 year old] gooder.  Myself as the window washer for Me and I (yeah, you get me, you get three), he's pretty efficient most of the time.  Thing is, Myself can only keep the view clear, but cannot do anything for what is seen by Me or I. The more Me, I mean, I, write, the more it starts to come back to Me, the argument, that is.  Simple, what's next? Legitimate question, but apparently, we have conflicting answers. 1. I just finished reading The Guinea Pig Diaries by A. J. Jacobs, and I would highly recommend it.  From posing as a woman for a month to outsourcing his life, Jacobs kept me entertained and laughing out loud (LOL in case you didn't understand). 2. Which, through a reference in the book, gets me reading How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk.  So I'm temporarily putting down my fascination with books on cellular stuff, and big bang theories, and evolution to concentrate for awhile on communication.  How we, as humans, communicate to each other and to ourselves through words and gestures. 3. I'm not out to change Me, Myself or I, I would just like to understand more and evaluate something that I think we all take for granted.  We do it every day, by way of voice, texts, email, Facebook, quite possibly even sitting down and writing a letter (it could happen), but do we really understand what we are saying?  Are we being efficient and effective?  Are we getting our point across?  Do we understand and comprehend? 4. Take texting, for example.  How much meaning is lost in words with zero context.  The missing context here is the lack of tone, the lack of emphasis.  The same words can be completely misinterpreted without a voice behind them. 5. Does this mean different forms of communication have their place?  I believe so.  I have a Twitter account, but rarely log in unless I'm in Chicago or New York and communicating with friends on plans for dinner.  I certainly could call or text "I'm at Starbucks, 195 Broadway," but Twitter is more efficient for both parties in this situation. 6. In this electronic age full of email and all things internet, are we losing our ability to talk?  I can tell you that no matter who you are, if you call me right now and were to ask me to dinner, I would say yes because you took the time to call. Mental note, don't give out your number.  But in all seriousness, so much of what we do every day is essentially silent. 7. There are people whom are very efficient at talking, people in sales and lawyers come to mind, but there is a large bucket of people who cannot get up in front of a crowd and speak.  I fall somewhere in the middle after years of forcing myself to learn how to talk.  When your primary interaction is with computers, why use your words? 8. Which I've found is a very good way to get children to talk about their emotions.  I have a list of emotions (Create your own for free @ Survey Monkey) such as happy, sad, angry and when my daughter cannot tell me what is bothering her, I ask her to check off the emotion that she is feeling with me out of the room.  When she is done, she will come get me and we will talk about what is making her feel this way.  Expressing emotions can be a private experience, but the underlying cause for them can be expressed publicly. 9. Over time, she has become more open, and so have I. 10. The mind battle.  Are you doing what you should be doing, are you making the right decisions, is your life where you want it to be?  Can you communicate this effectively to the right person or people?  These questions we ask ourselves constantly, and sometimes, when we cannot agree on the answer, we sleep on the couch. Hmm, this post was kind of all over the place, maybe I need some exercises in staying completely on topic.  No, that would not be fun.

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