Our happy place

It's a cinder block efficiency with 2 double beds and a kitchenette.  It's a downstairs unit with a front porch and a courtyard area with picnic tables.  It's two blocks to sand and surf.  It comes with welcome hugs from the owner and hurry backs when we leave.  It's our happy place filled with memories and good times. 1. Included with every stay are complimentary plastic wine glasses with a single Hershey kiss in each one.  My son cannot wait to get his Yoo-hoo from the store around the corner which he promptly pours in his glass upon arrival 2. Also included is a little rubber ducky, this time a turkey duck, sometimes a sunglasses duck, you just never know, this is Ducktur Ducktur 3. It's a familiar escape for the last 2 years which promises to bring relaxation and reflection time 4. It's where I spend quality away from home time with my kids 5. It's where we play Go Fish with plastic tigers and dolphins and stuffed penguins and we laugh and smile and enjoy disguising our voice when it's one of the animals turns 6. It's a 5 minute walk to the beach where we soak in the sun, splash in the water and take long strolls down the beach at dusk 7. It's across from the pier, which each time we meet with less hesitation and my little ones are no longer trying to avoid stepping on the cracks and clinging to me for dear life so high above the water 8. It's salt air that cures all 9. It's where spinning around a pole until we are way too dizzy is so much fun 10. It's where we make friends with the neighbors and share sea shells and stories of the beach, our getaway, our happy place, at any time of the year It's almost time to go again!

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