Random combat boots & karaoke

The things I get myself into. "I'm feeling rough, I'm feeling raw, I'm in the prime of my life" - Time to Pretend by MGMT Last week, I was chasing airplanes. It happens sometimes, and for one reason or another, your connecting flight just doesn't make it on time and you go find a bar. Which happened to be Crossroads Tavern. First, it was convincing the cab driver that I knew where he was taking me. I love technology, smartphones with GPS, specifically! #CantCheatOnCabFareForTheOutOfTowner Secondly, I had no clue what this place was like, but it was (My) Crossroads, so it couldn't be that bad. Third, I was carrying my suitcase and backpack. I found an unoccupied seat at the bar and waited. And waited. And waited. While I waited, I struck up a conversation with a guy sitting next to me who was continuously bumping me with his crutches. I hope he wasn't hitting on me. Fourth, I finally had the bartenders attention. I asked if I could park the carry-on behind the bar, which was answered with a "Hey, you were the one that called to ask when last call was?" Why, yes, that would be the stranded geek in Baltimore that verifies the destination is serving drinks. Fifth. Right in the middle of ten, which is exactly how I felt, right in the middle of "you don't belong here." Which is the moment where I didn't care, but wanted to understand. So I decided to observe and engage. Sixth, this place is dark and twisted, reminding me of high school, well, slightly after. Pool tables, lots of bar stools, a little bit of neon for effects. The people, tight knit clics, I observed a few distinct groups right away. Then the karaoke began to play. Seventh. The stage was full of wanna be American Idols singing Iron Maiden, Eminem and others that I've never heard. The mood, angry. Then the boots came in. Black, sequin, a little bit country. The mood swings, but not before the leader and her cohert speak every word of "Short [explicit] man." Then nothing but country music running words across the screen. Eighth, It's time to engage. I've never been the karaoke king, nor do I really want the title, but sing I did, what did I have to lose? There was something, some kind of strange feeling about being on stage where no one knows you, my few minutes of fame? Maybe. I have no clue what I sang, but does it really matter? Ninth, this is where the evening got a little interesting. Dressed in combat boots, mohawk, more piercings than should be legal and I struck up an old fashion conversation. What an interesting character. We will never agree on politics, religion or her, but this was an educated man with life stories that was comfortable enough to be himself, and I respected that. Tenth, as the night moved on, I engaged in friendly conversation with a few dozen people at a random bar in Baltimore. I learned a lot. Mostly, I learned that we are all individuals, with different tastes, wants and desires. But, I also learned that there is a little bit of country in us all! "Comfortably numb" Don't sugar coat it, keep it real! Note: This is the first post written entirely from an Android phone.

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