2013 Blueberry

2013 Cinco de Mayo Blueberry
Day 1:
crush 9 lbs blueberries (previously frozen, thaw @ room temp for 24 hours)
...Kids are great for this task (sterilize them first!)
dissolve 12 cups sugar in 2 gallons warm distilled water (+/- to bring total volume to 3.5 gallons)
add 3 campden tablets crushed
add 1/2 can 100% grape concentrate
add to primary fermentation bucket, cover, airlock
Day 2:
taste it
add sugar if needed to reach SG ~1.090
add 3 tsp acid blend (TA ~ 0.60 - 0.65)
add 1 and 1/2 tsp pectic enzyme
add 3 tsp yeast nutrient
stir well
add (sprinkle on top) 1 package yeast (Red Star Montrachet)
cover and airlock
Day 3:
first stir, check out the happy little yeast
2013 Blueberry
Day 4 - 6:
stir 1-2 times per day
Day 6:
i went in for the stir and decided to check SG as the airlock activity was slowing down and it read in at 0.992, perfect
taste, not bad, a little on the dry side and will probably need some back sweetening later in it's life
spent blueberries
2013 Blueberry
rack it, top off with water if needed
2013 Blueberry
Day 14:
check SG target is 0.995 - 1.000

Original SG: 1.092 (day 6 SG 0.992) Final SG: 0.990 (15/06/2013) Fermenting Temp: 68° pH: 3.8 TA: 0.65% ABV: 

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