2013 Tej

I have not started the third batch yet, this is a slightly modified recipe that I will be using after the 2nd batch came out a tad too sweet. I will update the recipe again after the 3rd batch is completed. Thoroughly mix in a sanitized primary fermenter the following: 3 jars (105 oz) raw honey 3.5 gallons distilled water Cover and airlock for 24 hours Remove 6-7 cups of the mead and simmer with 7.6 oz gesho for 15-20 minutes, do not boil. Allow to cool completely. Return mead and gesho to fermentation bucket and add the following: 3 whole lemons, quartered 9 oz all natural golden raisins 3 tsp ground clove 3 tsp yeast nutrient Cover and airlock for 1 week After 1 week rack into secondary fermenter adding 3 campden tablets crushed and dissolved in 2-3 cups of mead Rack every 2 weeks for 6-8 weeks adding 2 campden tables with each rack This wine will not fall clear, it should remain slightly opaque Bottle and wait (if you can) for 2 weeks before serving Uncork and enjoy! 2013 Tej
Original SG: Final SG: Fermenting Temp: 68° pH: TA: ABV: 11%

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